Hi, everybody. My name is John Fischer. Welcome to salesleads.tv. When you’re looking for investment sales leads, we have ‘em. But, you know, investment sales leads is very vague, and I wanna caution you that if you’re doing a private placement, you really need to say ‘I need accredited investment sales leads.’ Be sure you understand that if you’re doing a private placement, they must be accredited investors. And if you’re only asking for ‘investment sales leads’, you know, they may stock guys; they may be 5/ $10,000, but they’re definitely not gonna have a $200,000 income, or they’re not gonna have any sort of a million net worth; they’re not gonna be private placement memorandum recipients. So, yes, we do have investment sales leads, but our people are accredited. Dollar apiece, thousand dollar minimum; for every thousand you spend, you get a hundred Big Dogs. The Big Dogs are qualified for a quarter-million, and they have at least five million in investable assets. Those guys are really good, but only your A salesmen, only your people who really are not afraid to ask to ask for big money should be talking to those. It’s a waste of money giving that to a B salesman. If you have any additional questions, gimme a call: 561-239-0364. Thanks for your time, have a beautiful day, and God bless.