If you are searching for an investor lead broker Sales Lead specializes in accredited investor leads and we have many different investors lead lists that you can choose from. We have been in the lead industry for over 32 years providing our clients with some of the hottest leads in town.

What is an investor lead broker?

investor lead broker

An investor lead broker is a person that supplies the leads of the investors that are eligible to invest. These investors may be accredited and they are typically sophisticated investors that have a high annual income, over $200,000 or over $1 million in net worth. Higher-income or net worth does not always mean better investors but it does mean greater sophistication. The investor leads we offer are all top quality and all of our leads are accredited

Why should my leads be accredited?

Many companies offer investors their own leads, but the quality of these leads is usually poor. It is nice to have accredited investors because these are individuals who have a demonstrated ability to make investment decisions. It is also important to have investors that are sophisticated because they can be a good reference to business owners when they are investing. You should make sure that you target your efforts to accredited investors because they are the individuals that are most likely to invest.

Why can’t I just use the phone book?

There are two ways that you could go about getting investors and one of those ways is through your phone book. Many people think that this is an okay way to get investors but it really isn’t. First, you will have no idea if the investor is accredited or not and this can be a problem for some companies. Second, these investors will not be sophisticated and therefore will not be very valuable for your business. You should try using the internet instead because there are many more investors online compared to their phone books.

Why should I work with Sales Leads?

Sales Leads has a large database of investors and you can choose what lead list you want to use when contacting investors. We have many different types of investor leads and we will help you select the list that is going to fit your criteria the best. We have over 32 years of experience in the lead industry and we know how to provide our clients with awesome leads.