Hi everybody my name is John Fischer welcome to salesleads.tv.  I’m the owner of the company investor lead, and if you’re looking for investor leads that’s what we sell. We sell two things we sell accredited investors for people who are selling private placements. Why? Because we feel the accredited investor is sophisticated and if he’s worth a million dollars I’m sure he’s pretty sharp.

We also do numismatic coin buyers and precious metal buyers. Why those two? Because it’s tangible so I’m looking to make sure that when I sell someone’s name I don’t want them getting ripped off. Again we only sell accredited investors investor leads or we sell investors of precious metals numismatic coins.  If you have any questions feel free to call me at 561-239-0364.

We sell them at 50 cents a piece 2,000 minimum, a thousand dollars. One of the big problems these days is these silence unknown calls with the iPhones. You gotta dial a lot of numbers these days guys because the phones don’t even go through, I mean I get silenced calls all the time or there are people fishing or there are people using disconnected numbers. To add insult to injury you got the telecoms changing your caller id to suspected spam if you’re making too many phone calls and it’s a bad scenario.

It’s gotten very tough but we’ve been in business 32 years and we have the best leads in the country in my opinion with an A+ rating. This is your place for investor leads not to be mistaken with investorleads.com they sells kaka in my opinion they sell info USA model information zip plus four it doesn’t work any questions call me 561-239-0364 have a beautiful day and god bless.