Hi everybody my name is John Fischer welcome to salesleads.tv I want to talk about investor list and that’s what we do we’ve been doing it for 30 years. We have an A+ rating I’m the owner of the company and the investor lists we have are specifically and I’ve been real careful about this I’ve been doing this for 30 years now and I specifically only sell two products. I sell accredited investors why because an accredited investor has at least a million net worth not including this home I’m hoping he’s sophisticated enough to not get scammed. I can’t check everybody out who I sell leads to I do a pretty good job I’ll tell you. I’ve got good uh you know good senses and I definitely can tell a lot of times when the guy’s not right and then the other product I sell happens to be precious metals, numismatic coin buyers and bullion buyers. So I do the bullion and the numismatic coin buyers because it’s a tangible so let’s just say the worst scenario the guy buys an ounce gold coin and the guy charges him 3,200 and gold is at you know 1700 and the guy said well it’s so rare and it’s an ms70 and blah blah blah and he overcharges you okay. Hey guess what when it’s over you still have that coin that weighs at least one ounce so it’s a tangible it’s not something like yeah we got this great idea we got this great vision and send me 25,000 and you know blah blah blah although that does happen with the private placements. But you know what I mean with a sophisticated investor that I hope will do is due diligence I think that formula works out very very well so when you’re talking about investor list or list plural pretty much it’s a a bunch of name, addresses and phone numbers of people that are looking for information and want to know how to invest. At salesleads.tv we don’t only sell investor lists again numismatic coin buyers and the bullion buyers ira buyers those are 50 cents apiece unless it’s aa fresh client list they’re usually a buck a piece, but these are all people that bought coins and they work very very well. I just picked up 38,000 of the cb20s ask me about the cb20s they kick ass. I’ve got a lot of good stuff in the coins and the numismatic and the bullion market, but the other side private placement I only sell accredited investors. Remember guys don’t ask for an investor list ask for an accredited investor because if you’re doing a private placement unless you’re doing the reg d 504, 505, 506 that has that little 35 exemption where you can bring in non-accredited people which is not a good idea. You’re going to end up getting audited you know the new thing now is just 506c all accredited you can advertise you don’t have to worry about calling all periods and friends of family and all that sort of thing so it’s really a good situation for you, but you have to be specific about accredited investors. Info usa, lead genie, sales genie that’s modeled information it’s a zip plus 4 average it doesn’t work they never requested information like ours. They were vetted mine were vetted by a broker dealer looking to make a 10 commission at the end and he was qualified you know 25 to 50 000 none of that stuff you get from investorlead.com lead genie sales genie info usa none of those are the same exact thing a big difference between a vetted accredited investor that received a private placement memorandum and was surveyed by a broker dealer or some computer algorithm that takes the phone book that says well therefore in this neighborhood and blah blah blah. Therefore he’s in a credit industry you’ll find out for yourself and you know what shame on you for buying a seven cent lead and thinking by five thousand times seven cents 350 you can raise millions do me a favor if that’s how you think don’t call me because if you really think you can get a seven cent lead and convert them into accredited investor to buy a private placement I mean I don’t know guys can do it. I mean I can take a phone book and convert phone book but there’s not many guys like me left okay we’re dinosaurs. Good luck finding closers like me these days that’s the big problem the leads are as good as the people that call them have any questions feel free to call me again if you’re looking for investor lists or lists specifically your credit investors call me 561-239-0364 thank you for your time keep safe and God bless.