Hey, everybody. My name is John Fisher. Welcome to salesleads.TV // Toys for Bigboys.com. Check it out. Companies been around for a long time, got great stuff in it, and we’re about to focus and do a lot of lot of good stuff.

You want some great golf carts? Check it out. But anyway oh, look, a squirrel investor list. Let’s talk about investor lists at sales leads TV. That’s what we sell. And it’s been our business in 32 years.

We have an A plus rating, and the lead sources are pretty much people that have requested information. They’ve been mailed a private placement memorandum. And before they were mailed that memorandum, email, whatever it may be, they were vetted by that broker dealer.

He’s looking to make his 10% commission. So he’s going to make sure you’re accredited. He’s going to make sure you’re qualified. He’s going to handle as many objections as possible, and he’s going to go ahead and send out that private placement memorandum with the hopes of closing them.

So when you’re looking at investor lists in our particular business, in our company, we focus on accredited investors and we focus on numismatic coin buyers and bullion buyers. Just two. Why? I want to protect the people whose names I sell.

I want to make sure that they’re not going to get ripped off the best I possibly can. The credit investor is sophisticated, smart, and you know what? Buyer beware. I mean, he should know what’s going on.

I don’t sell 65 years or older, and I don’t sell people that don’t have at least a million net worth, including at least a $200,000 income. As far as the numismatic coin buyers, they’re buying a tangible.

So even if the guy charged them $3,000 for a $2,000 gold coin, at least he’s got a coin in his hand that he can go in to a pawn shop or jewelry shop and get that $2,000. So if you’re looking for investor lists or lists sales leads, dot TV is your source.

Any questions, feel free to call me. John Fisher, 561-239-0364. Have a beautiful day and God bless.