specializes in accredited investor leads, so if you are looking for investor lists then you have come to the right place! We have been in the lead business for over 30 years and we have many different lead options to choose from!

What are investor lists?

Investor lists are groups of individuals who would like to receive investment opportunities from companies. We offer investor lists for many different industries, as well as lead-type options. Why should you consider investing in a list?

There are many advantages to being part of an investor list, including:

Attracting new and qualified investors to your investment opportunity. These individuals are interested in taking part in the growth of your business. They feel that by receiving information about your company, they will be able to take advantage of our opportunities. This is because the investment opportunities we send out are often unique and have not been offered before. By offering a unique option, you can attract qualified investors who feel as if they have a competitive advantage. These people are usually better qualified to gain a competitive advantage than other individuals who are not on these lists.

What does an investor list look like?

When you purchase an investor list from, you will receive a large group of qualified, interested individuals who are ready to hear about your investment opportunity. While we can’t guarantee that everyone on the list will respond to your offer, we can guarantee that they are qualified and interested in hearing what you have to say.

Are there other benefits of investing in an investor list?

There are many other benefits of investing in an investor list with SalesLeads. tv.

We offer:

Investor lists in many different niche categories. Most of our lead lists are specific to the industry you are interested in. Over 30 years of experience allows us to provide you with useful, quality investor lists and services.

When should you invest in an investor list?

You should invest in an investor list when you are ready to present your investment opportunity to qualified and interested individuals who are ready to hear about the opportunity you have. An investor list can be a powerful tool if used correctly. However, it can also be useless if not used correctly or if it is simply not targeted enough to the correct audience.

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Hi everybody my name is John Fischer welcome to Let’s talk about investor lists, they are the same as investor leads. You know a lead is a name, address and phone number. A list is a number of names, addresses, and phone numbers just to break it down easily.

We sell investor leads and lists and the lists are really simple. How do we get them? We’d have to kill you if we told you. Just imagine being in business for 32 years and the network you’ve built and the customers you’ve had.  I have been doing this for a long long time. I’m always looking to buy some new leads so when it comes to investor lists that’s what we do.

We have numismatic coin buyers, bullion buyers, and ira buyers and they are all accredited investors. They’re doing real estate, they’re doing tech deals, entertainment deals, oil, and gas deals, you name it. Those are our forte. If you have any questions whatsoever about investor lists feel free to call me at 561-239-0364.