SalesLeads.TV was started in 1990 and it actually started off as ‘Federal Union’ which sounds like a bank. They actually called it a lead bank back in those days. Well, there used to be a guy who used to sell leads to John Fischer when he was a commodity broker. His name was Al Harstein. You see what was cool about Al, was that you would go down to the parking lot and he’d open up the trunk of his car and he would have about seven or eight boxes filled with copies of prospects sheets, mail out forms and so on. It was just strictly hard copy. He pretty much carried this store in his trunk! Once John bought from him he was backed up. Honestly, sometimes Fischer would feel guilty because how much money he would make on a thousand to $2,000 investment of leads. It was ridiculous.

John kept buying from Al and he would always have brand new stuff. When John was a commodity broker he had two offices, one in San Francisco and one guy in San Francisco did a brokers guarantee on a quarter million dollar trade on a trade figure and it came in the wrong way and he lost a trade in and the customer never sent the quarter million dollars. So the owner of the company, who John worked for down in Boca Raton, refused to take on the liability of a quarter-million and he went bankrupt and of course, he owed John about $30,000 in commission. And John said, “Hey, that’s not fair. Just because an idiot in California makes a mistake, why should I have to pay for it?”

He proceeded to tell John that he was in bankruptcy. He couldn’t afford to pay anybody anything but here’s what he did do. He gave John the key to the lead closet and told him that he could take anything he wanted. So at the time he was driving a 1988 turbo Cabriolet convertible, and he tried to stuff in as many of those leads as possible.  His condo was in Boca West and he was driving up Glades road and the leads were flying everywhere!

So this brings us to Fischer’s next story, there were these guys that used to be commodity brokers and John fired them because they used to be really bad news and they sold dirty. They decided they wanted to play a joke on John. Well back in those days they had what’s called the ‘deck card’. A deck card is a plastic bag with 50 different cards and in those days they were all investment. So they went ahead and took seven deck packs which had 350 cards and they hijacked the postage machine. During this time they had these postage machines that you went to the post office and you filled up with ink and pretty much printed up your postage for you and they went ahead and they put the postage on these 350 cards.

Next thing he knows,  Fischer is upstairs on the second floor of his condo and the phone starts ringing. He asks himself, “What the hell is going on?” He answered the phone and the guy on the other line says you’ve requested information about such and such and John said I haven’t requested information about anything. So he hung up and well the phone rang again and the guy on the other line said the same thing and John thought to himself, wait a second. This is a golden opportunity here and at the time he was unemployed and this time he said, “The reason why I reached out to you is because I’m in the lead business and I have a real good commodity lead list.” So long story short that one week he did $50,000 worth of business.

Next, John went to Office Depot and made several copies of each one and he shipped them through FedEx and he was actually able to open up a brand new office in Boca Raton. So this joke that these people played on him ended up working in his favor because that year Fischer went on to make a million dollars. So John had a plaque put in the lobby of his office that said “Thank you to Nick and John”.

Fischer wasn’t the only salesman at Federal Union!

Anyway, long story short, that’s pretty much how the lead business started and John went ahead and maintained one salesman that continued to sell leads and then they did a communication deal. Well, one day there was a problem with the communication dealer and all of a sudden he had 20 people and they didn’t have a deal. There was one guy selling leads and there were 20 people in this big 5000 square foot office. And John said, “Man, what do we do? And I said guess what we got to take Federal Union to the next level.” Sure enough they started doing a million a month and anyway that’s how the business started.

There was a time John had someone embezzle money from him so he grew tired of trusting people. John stated, “Sales people are hard and I know you guys can identify with this especially now in 2020. I mean, it’s just so hard to find someone that’s got the work ethic. Someone that has integrity who’s also articulate and knows what the hell he’s doing. And it’s so hard to find people like that, so as exhausting as it is I said I’ll do this by myself.”

So he went from a 5000 square foot facility down to an 888 square foot facility and then surrounded himself with a couple of people. One is Addy, John’s right hand woman and the other one is John’s computer guy Sergio. So he went ahead and downsized and they didn’t make as much money, but they were definitely a lot more profitable and John didn’t have any headaches worrying about the drug addicts, gamblers and the drama.

John Fisher enjoying himself at the Homestead-Miami Speedway.

“Although the lead business is not quite as dangerous as the investment business, you know you still have to watch these guys. I have a tough time managing myself let alone a bunch of people so what I did was I became the only salesperson and it’s been that way ever since,” said John Fischer.

SalesLeads.TV has been doing 30 years of business with an A+ rating with the BBB. Throughout the 30 years SalesLeads.TV has only had two complaints, one from some strange country and one from an unknown person. Here’s some transparency for you. If you go to rip off report, there are two complaints against SalesLeads.TV and they’re both anonymous. One guy said he’s not a list broker and rip off report actually tried blackmailing John. There was also a woman that he wouldn’t sell to and John said that’s the one thing he won’t do when he sells to people, if he has a feeling that someone just doesn’t know how to close. Then he’s not going to sell you leads.  Especially if he thinks you’re ripping people off, not because he’s a goody two shoes, but because he doesn’t need the feds coming into his office and asking questions about why someone sent him$30,000 in the last three years.

John Fischer actually got into the lead business to get away from the regulators and away from all the regulations and the bottom line is the last thing he needs to do is get involved with that. SalesLeads.TV has a great internet footprint. “We have a lot of websites and that’s actually working pretty well for us! We pretty much control the whole accredited investors and precious metals arena. So we’re doing a great job, especially for a caveman like me, you know keep it simple,” says Fischer.

So where is SalesLeads.TV today? It is February 4th, 2020 and Fischer is getting to the point where he is diversifying. John has some dating sites, and some political sites and he is almost ready to entertain the idea of selling the company one of these days.

Fischer says, “This is rough, it’s rough calling people and its rough talking to people and I’m at the stage of my life where I want to have some fun. I work really hard, but it’s a lot of phone calls and a lot of work in this job and I absolutely earned my money these past 30 years, but God has blessed me. I don’t know if 30 years has surprised the hell out of you, but for me to be in business that long successfully, it absolutely blows my mind. Especially in this business with some of the people that you guys know we deal with. So anyway I’m a happy camper, thank you guys for the lifestyle you have given me for the last 30 years! I’m a spoiled little brat, and I have a lot of toys and a great lifestyle thanks to you guys. And hopefully, I have done the same for you! If you have any specific questions feel free to call me at 561-239-0364.”

Just to update you, is now 31 years old! With COVID a lot of changes have happened. We closed the office down and we are now working from home and we have become much more profitable than before. Ashley moved to Fort Lauderdale, Addy moved to New York and John hunkered down in his home.

For some reason, the business has been booming since COVID. The Payroll Protection came in very handy, a matter of fact it was exactly what we needed to shield the gap, thank you, Uncle Don! It is July of 2021 and we have had an amazing summer of business so far. Who would have ever thought that something as negative as COVID would turn into a positive for us? That just goes to say that behind every dark cloud there’s a silver lining behind it.

Thank you for your support and God Bless! We look forward to doing business with you in the future.