Hi everybody my name is John Fischer welcome to salesleads.tv. Lead broker what’s a lead broker what’s a lead a lead is a name address and a phone number, but more specifically it really should be accredited investor leads is what you should really be worried about that’s what you need if you’re doing a private placement. So let me just tell you something this lead broker only sells two products accredited investors and numismatic coin buyers and bullion buyer’s method to my madness. You know what I made a decision many many years ago if I’m going to stay in business and do the right thing I got to make sure not to sell these poor 65 year old people or anything. Any kind of deal that in my head is a scam and let me tell you something 30 years of doing this I got a good idea I could smell the smoke and usually when they smoke this fire so I made a decision to only deal with accredited investors. Two hundred thousand income last two years, million net worth not including their home experience in managing their personal portfolio and these people are sophisticated so if this guy gets scammed I mean I did the best I can to do it right, but you know what I can’t do everything for you and I think if I only work with these sophisticated investors I’m really doing the best thing I could possibly do to protect them the next thing is the numismatic coin buyer and the bullion guy worst scenario the guy overcharges you instead of 10 or 20 or whatever I don’t even know what the growing rate is, but I know they go pretty high above five or ten percent above spot. Just say for instance you buy a coin a gold coin that’s today worth 1700. He charges you 2,500$ maybe he overcharged you I don’t know I mean we don’t keep track of that, but the bottom line is this you still have a coin that’s worth seventeen hundred dollars. So see in my head I said to myself it’s a tangible so maybe he won’t be 100 ripped off but at least he’s going to have the intrinsic value intrinsic value being what is the actual value of that metal based on the weight okay so uh that’s why I made my choices. So a lead broker specifically a legitimate lead broker like myself you know this is what we do we protect our people the best we can I have 1.3 million troublemakers litigators these are professional litigators they buy throwaway phones they’re on the do not call you call them they don’t report to the ftc they blackmail you big time. Let me tell you I’ve had some big guns buy leads from other people John can you help me out I said yeah next time buy from me don’t buy from them. It’s a lot of money to find these uh litigators they’re the real troublemakers you know listen I’m on the do not call I get so many phone calls today it’s disgusting I mean I get no exaggeration 10 or 15 and when you dial them back the phone number’s disconnected. How the government doesn’t go after those people and how is it the default company allows a disconnected number to call me that really pisses me off that’s where they really should be regulating. Anyway you’ve got all kinds of different regulations and the bottom line is I do the best I can you know if I took every list I have right now 250 million people on the do not call there’s not going to be a lot of people left over you know eventually something has to happen this is not sustainable you know and I’m hoping something happens but we got bigger fish to fry right now. Talking about that I hope your family is healthy please stay healthy if you have any additional questions and I got to tell you I think I’m a good guy I’ve got integrity which is very rare in this industry and if there’s a problem I fix it I mean you know what guys 30 years with an A+ rating with the BBB. There’s some propaganda out there rip off report both anonymous one guy’s not a list broker and I got a woman that I wouldn’t sell because I knew she couldn’t close anything and she reported me for not selling her. I have oh yeah there’s a phony warrant for my arrest from Interpol where I got to put tie wraps on my wrist and hand myself up it’s the funniest thing you’ve ever seen but some people believe it. You know what I’m saying rip off report is the biggest rip-off there is they call me up many times and ask me to give 25-50,000$ to get rid of that negative stuff. Hey you know what if you’ve been in the business long enough you know what the rip off report is and if you think rip off report is real I don’t want you as a client. Anyway you have any questions yeah I’m opinionated I’ve been doing this for a long time I don’t got much tolerance guys I need closers okay I want a guy who dials numbers and shuts the hell up and waits for the numbers to kick. I’m old school I’m a dinosaur and that’s the kind of people I want to do business with you have any questions call me I still love you guys and I hope you’re healthy and I hope you guys take care of yourself any questions 561-239-0364 have a beautiful day and God bless.SHOW LESS