Lead Generation Strategies to Keep Your Pipeline Full

Businesses need revenue to survive.  In order to keep the revenue rolling in your company sales team need to keep the pipeline full.  Experienced sales teams know that a lead pipeline is essential for ensuring sales continue to come in the door.  Most company sales cycles are close to a minimum of 90 days which means if you want a good third quarter it is time to ramp up your sales activities.

Here are ways keep your pipeline full:

  • Cold Calling.  In order for cold calling to work you have to be consistent.  You need to regularly communicate with your prospects in order to secure business via cold calling.  This requires calling people on a daily basis and accurately keeping track of the status of every call and customer contact.  Some deals may take four calls to close, so regular communication is essential.  It is also important to have quality leads, something you can get from salesleads.tv
  • Newsletter.  Build up your newsletter database and send regular communications to your customer base.  By staying in front of your prospects you will be able to reach them when they have a need.  You never know when they will have met to discuss a problem and your newsletter could present the solution.  You can use a service like AWebber to build your database with minimal cost.
  • Marketing.  Pick a marketing budget and take out pay per click ads online.  Your company can attract new customers that are completing internet searches for specific things.  PPC is a great way to go because you only pay when someone clicks on your advertisement.  Consider directing people to a landing page for a higher conversion rate.
  • Networking.  This old standby has a place for relationship building and long term sales.  The people in your network can introduce you to people that can use your services.  Since it is a warm lead, the prospect is more likely to entertain you.
  • Referrals.  Ask your existing client base for referrals.  You have done an excellent job for them and they are typically willing to recommend other people that have used your services.  Let them know you are expanding, hiring more staff, and would love to pick up more clients.  This will give them confidence that additional clients will not diminish the level of service you are giving them.
  • Existing Clients.  Your existing client base can often use additional products and services from your company but may not be aware of everything that you offer.  Take time to sit down with your clients several times a year.  Learn about their business and listen for opportunities to sell them additional services.

The most important thing in building your pipeline is to stay consistent and keep track of everyone you are communicating with.  Conduct outbound sales activities every day, regardless of how busy your schedule is.  The easiest way to do that is to set aside a time every day for sales activities.  Create an appointment on your calendar and don’t schedule anything else during this time.  Consider using something like Constant Contact to keep track of who you are speaking with and when to follow up.  Salesleads.tv can help by providing you with high quality leads that ensure you are reaching out to the people that can best use what you have to sell.