Hey, everybody. My name is John Fischer. Welcome to salesleads.TV. Lead lists for sale. Hey, have you gotten have you guys got any lead lists? Not only do we have lead lists, by the way, name of the company is here we go, sales Leads, Dot TV and not sure, been in business 32 years, we have an A plus rating.

As far as lead lists, the only lead lists that we sell are credit investors and Pneumasmatic coin buyers. That’s the only stuff we sell, we sell because I want to protect the people that my leads are being sold to and I want to protect their names also of the people whose names I’m selling.

So on one end you’ve got a credit investors, which are sophisticated. Number one, these guys are at least a million dollar net worth, not including their home. And they’re sharp. I mean they’re not dummies.

And then the new asmatic coin buyers is the other set of leads that I sell. And it’s because it’s a tangible so the worst possible scenario, the guy buys a 1oz gold coin and maybe he paid four grand for it and today he spot gold hypothetically at $2,000.

He got an impression of metal deal and throw it on the scale and he’s going to get somewhere close to 2000 bit in the ass, whatever that guy’s going to give him, you know, so he’s always got something.

It’s intangible. It’s not like if you’re a good boy, maybe I’ll ship you an ounce of gold in three years and hopefully it will go up. Like the old days, they had that leverage stuff, which I stopped selling leads that I saw a long time ago.

I even put up a website called Section 742. And when people call me up and say, yeah, I’m doing leverage, I want to buy leads, I would say, go read the website and leave me alone. What you’re doing is illegal.

And I turned a lot of people off in the industry, but hey, when they all got busted, I didn’t have a lot of inquiries. I didn’t have a lot of people coming to me and saying, hey, if you knew this thing was illegal, why were you selling leads to them?

We have some exposure as lead brokers. But anyway, as far as. Leads for sale and and the kind of leads we sell, we stick strictly to our credit investors and the wisdomatic coin buyers. You have any questions, feel free to call me at 561-239-0364.

Have a beautiful day and God bless.