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Hi everybody! my name is John Fischer, welcome to Lead list, again, you know why do we use these keywords? We use these keywords because that’s how you find us on Google. So, what we have to do is we have to address those particular keywords, now the reason I choose them– and by the way we own concierge SEO services and through the school of hard knocks, we’ve learned how to do SEO and how to really get out there and have you guys find us and the use of these keywords is very important, but the problem is, a lot of them don’t make sense and a lot of them are vague and a lot of them don’t really apply, but let’s go at it.

Lead list pretty much is a name, address and phone number, a bunch of them that becomes a list, and if someone goes to Google and they’re doing a private placement and they punch in lead list, it’s not going to help you, because you’re missing one key thing and that’s an accredited investor list, see an accredited investor makes two hundred thousand a year for the last two years, a million net worth not including his home and has experience in managing his personal portfolio. In our case, they’re vetted by a broker-dealer, qualified 25 to 50 and received the private placement memorandum.

So, when you’re looking for lead lists, that’s not going to work, because unless you specify that the guy has to be an accredited investor, you bought a list, you find out the guys not accredited and then what, then you have a real problem. So again, be very careful when you’re looking for accredited investor list or accredited investor leads, make sure not to mention lead lists.

If you have any questions, I know it’s a little confusing– if you have any questions call me, 561-981-8777, have a beautiful day and God bless.