Hi everybody my name is John Fischer welcome to salesleads.tv the other side you know I want to talk to you guys about something. I send memos out and sometimes memos are like silence call and people don’t answer. People don’t say anything it’s a weird time. It’s amazing that we’re having record-breaking months, but it’s also a record-breaking low amount of people that are buying. So it’s like the real guys, the big guys they’re coming in with big orders and the little guys never survived. 

I just want to tell you guys something, I’ve been around for quite some time and I’m definitely an old-timer in this business. It’s time to get back to basics, we got to get back into the business. The do not call is ridiculous we’re at 2.4 million, excuse me, 244 million. Who’s left that’s not on the do not call and I know none of you guys want to get a sand number so that’s an Achilles heel right there.  

On top of that you’ve got the silence unknown caller feature going on right now if you have a cell phone and if it’s apple, i would say 80% of the leads that I sell are going to be cellular phones, and eighty percent of them are going to be apple. You know what the investors don’t call back, silence call to them is like spam. So it’s the biggest complaint last year was not disconnects or anything the complaint was I can’t get a hold of anybody you know and I said to myself man 30 years and I’ve never heard that before. 

So Addy and i did some investigating and then we found out about the silence call and realized that wow these guys have a valid complaint but how do we take care of it. So we’ve been doing some discounting on the volume of course. To make things worse you’ve got the telecoms are putting on your caller id suspected spam that you’re making x amount of calls per day. I would definitely check your outgoing calls and take a look at what they’re transmitting on their caller id so here’s what I propose. 

So you know we’ve been searching and looking and seeing what’s going on we came up with an interesting database. The database happens to be um prefixes of cell phones but they’re business numbers you know so it’s kind of like the best of both worlds. We’ve gone ahead and done some experimenting and we started doing some blending and uh we went with that file and we blended it in with a pp crema file and we’ve increased everything we’ve increased contacts we’ve increased sales and I got to tell you it’s really the way to go. So I’ve got 700 thousand businesses, five million-plus in annual sales and it came from a gamebook from one of the biggest oil and gas guys in Dallas, Texas. 

We used to have 20 guys on the phone and all they did was dial these 5 million-plus annual sale guys and pitch them on a 250,000 deal and we call them the big dogs. I got to tell you they are big dogs you just got to call them up and if you want to just finally once and for all get rid of that Achilles heel of the do not call with the FTC. It’s time to teach these salespeople that hey guess what you got to start dialing. 

Give us a call about the big dogs and give us a call about these business numbers they’re the right thing right now. If you have any questions call me 561-239-0364 thank you for listening and have a beautiful day.