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With the rise of the DNC, several TCPA litigators have taken to acquiring large amounts of phone numbers in the hopes of trapping telemarketers and filing compliance lawsuits against them. More and more lawyers are joining in on these practices and between last January and August TCPA lawsuits increased more than 31%. It has been so profitable that some firms focus solely on TCPA lawsuits. Leemberg Law has collected over $30 million to date from telemarketing cases, and filed over 500 TCPA lawsuits in 2014.

LitigatorScrub eliminates this problem by eliminating these lawyers’ phone numbers from the list. With this service, your contact lists are cleaned and these predatory litigators are removed. Without it, you run the risk of falling into one of these litigator traps, and TCPA lawsuits can get very expensive very quickly. Save yourself the worry; let us remove the risk so you can focus on making calls and making money.

Introducing Our Compliance Partner Guide Features

  • Includes Exclusive Access to Litigator Scrub 
  • Regulation Guide – The Regulation Guide allows you to Access, Research and Compare all States & federal contact center compliance laws in one committed online portal.
  • State Registration & Exemption Guide – Examine and establish the State registration costs & exemptions that apply to your exact call campaign.
  • Safe Harbor Wizard The Safe Harbor Wizard Determines your call centers most identical Safe Harbor errors.
  • Compliance Webinars with top Lawyers and legal specialists
  • Monthly Compliance Newsletter and Legal Updates via E-mail
  • Online Access -Implies to all State summaries & statutes.
  • Interactive Compliance Map – Hands-on USA map that rapidly confirms calling rules & regulations. DNC metrics for more then a dozen DNC storylines.
  • FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions for rapid ramp up on DNC overall rules.
  • LinkedIn Contact Center Compliance Group Access – After discussions throughout forthcoming legislation or aim for best impresive practices from other highly professionals in our LinkedIn Organization .

The Compliance Guide will ensure that you save a great amount of time & money with an extremely user-friendly guide that is exclusively designed for contact center professionals which is also backed by the top compliance Lawyers & legal specialists.

Substantial TCPA and related claims are discovering their way to a wide range of organizations, from B2B to even political battles. The vast majority of these class activities and vexatious suit is produced by claim overreaching so as to manufacture plants and smart setups lawyers and their partners.

Keen organizations accomplice with Contact Center Compliance and have actualized Litigator Scrub to address this issue.

Get a free information investigation to perceive how Litigator Scrub can spare you from consistence traps.

Still Confused about the Recent TCPA Declaratory Ruling?

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