Everybody welcome to salesleads.tv my name is John Fisher, I’m the owner of the company. Today I want to talk about some of the challenges you guys are facing right now, unfortunately, it’s become a lot harder to achieve success in the lead business with the silence unknown caller feature on the iPhone. It was an update that came out about six months ago and initially I turned it off because I didn’t like it. Then I realized that spam calls were coming in like crazy and there was actually something that was helping me and I went ahead and turned it back on again. So whenever I saw a silenced call I would call them back right away and it’s worked out for me. I’ve eliminated the spam calls and still I’m not missing my clients because a lot of my clients use you know different phone numbers.

So what happens if I have your number in the contacts or your prospect has your number which is impossible they don’t know yet but if that number’s in the contacts it will ring and they’ll be able to pick it up but if that number is not in their contacts of each of their individual phones then it’s going to go straight to voice mail. it won’t ring or anything like that so the bottom line is it’s not a good feature for you.  it’s a problem it’s going to be problematic and I’ve mentioned saying 70 of the phone numbers I’m selling are cell phones and probably 40 50 of those are uh iPhone you know so it’s a tough situation.  

You gotta be creative when you leave your messages, but unfortunately, you’re gonna have to order you know twice as many leads. The days of dialing you know a couple of hundred a day are over because at least a hundred of those numbers are gonna go straight to voice mail and you probably never have a chance to even talk to the guy because he ain’t gonna call you back.

If you want some more bad news the telecoms are now taking a look at how many times you dial a day and they’re assuming that you’re a spam risk so they actually take your caller id and they put spam risk on your caller id. So you guys need to be aware of one thing in the morning I would take a look at the phone number that you’re dialing out of and I’d call a cell phone or call someone else’s phone or whatever and check to see what that caller id looks like because if you think someone’s going to pick up a phone when the caller id says spam risk it ain’t happening. 

The good news is if you’re selling numismatic coins in the gold kicking ass right now I mean I just had a record-breaking month and it was amazing I mean it’s been amazing and last month was very very close to a record it was a record-breaking month but it wasn’t as good as august and June was hot too. So the people that are buying the most leads from me are the numismatic coin guys. I also sell accredited investors, it’s tangible by the way, and the accredited investors and that’s the only thing I sell is accredited investors and numismatic coin buyers and bullion buyers. That’s the only type of leads that I sell.

Anyway so I just wanted to you know kind of like have a chat with you guys let you know what’s going on you know the bad news is you’re gonna have to buy more leads I guess it’s good news for me but you know I always take care of you guys two for one on disconnected numbers there’s never a problem I’m all about fixing it. I still have an A+ rating after 31 years and I think I really am the number one guy in the country. If you have any questions feel free to call me 561-239-0364 please be safe keep your family safe have a beautiful day and God bless.