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Let us guide you through the wilderness of selling in the post-“Do Not Call Registry” world.

Top Questions Vendors, Sellers, and Telemarketers Should Be Asking Themselves

  • Can the FTC Do Not Call List affect my bottom line?
  • Absolutely, if $11,000 fines per illegal call would affect your books, not to mention the negative PR.
  • Has your list broker asked you for a SAN number?
  • If not, you are running a HUGE risk of crippling fines, and potentially wasting your time with deadbeat leads.
  • Where can I find an experienced list broker that will walk me through the hassle of registering with the FTC and maintaining compliance?
  • Call one of’s experienced leads consultants and we’ll give you the details on the latest developments and requirements.
  • Where can I find more information?
  • Check the links below for much more detailed information about the law, as well other items of interest from the front lines.
  • What about the new CAN SPAM laws?
  • Our leads are quickly filling the gap created by the new so-call “CAN SPAM” laws. Without the dubious advantage of spam, many internet-only leads brokers simply can’t create and sell their lead lists.

Do Not Call Resources & News

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Excerpted directly from the Federal Trade Commission’s website

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MCI Fined $100,000 for ‘Do Not Call’ Violations