Hey, my name is John Fisher, welcome to salesleads.tv. Oil and gas investor. When I started this company back in 1990, the majority of everything we did was oil and gas, I mean back in those days Benedict was banging, and there is a ton of people losing money for oil and gas, a ton of people out there, and it was a feel day. I’m telling you probably today, 70 75% as opposed to 90% of my paper my leads, the stuff I sell, is oil and gas. What’s good about it is that these people had a picks on oil and gas deal, they’ve been invetted. Are you accredited, you made at least $200,000, 300 combined, you have a million net worth not including your, you’ve got experience in managing your personal portfolio, have you got $25,000 to $100,000, and mail them a private placement memorandum. That’s a real real good lead. We have thing called vertical. A vertical is originally was oil and gas, you’re in oil and gas, now you’re talking to a guy, so really he already requested information, we know the guys are oil and gas guys. But that oil and gas stuff what I’m telling my clients is that my job is not to find the vertical, my job is to find the guy with money. Your job is to talk to him into your vertical whether it’s real estate, whether it’s an entertainment deal, whatever the thing maybe. My job again, is to make sure he’s accredited and he’s liquid in its risk capital. It’s your job to talk to them into what type particular deal is. Oil and gas is big. We have a lot of them. The next biggest thing we have is real estate. We got a ton of real estate guys, and then some entertainment maybe $20,000 tech deal and so on. If you have any questions about oil and gas investors, feel free to call me, we got some  client list, we got the big dogs, best leads in the country, $5 apiece, quite a million minimum, it’s not only accredited, he’s qualified accredited. 5 million in investible assets, $5 apiece, for every thousand you spend, I give you 100 for free. I’m gonna go ahead and tell you that we scrub against the 1.3 million DNC litigators. You don’t know what a DNC litigator is, google it. If you’re buying leads from someone besides me, call them up and have a heart-to-heart forum and say, hey, what’s DNC litigators, how come you’re not scrubbing. I’m gonna tell you guys, you get one of those calls, and they’ll make your life miserable. They blackmail you, they’re nasty as hell. When you read about this legal firm that makes over 32 million a year, and all they do is have stand numbers with DNC numbers and they come after you. When you find out how unjustly it’s gonna freak you out, and you’re gonna wanna have some kind of protection. If you have a stand number, I’ll scrub for you for free. I’m a service provider from the FTC. If you don’t have a stand number, we’ll show you how to get one. If you don’t wanna have a stand number, you’re gonna sign indemnity letter, which indemnifies my employees and myself and pretty much say hey, I know I did dirty, there’s a problem it’s my problem not your problem. If you have any questions, call me 561-239-0364, have a beautiful day and god bless.