Welcome to SalesLeads.tv! We have been in the lead business for 30+ years specializing in accredited investors. We have a wide variety of accredited investor leads including oil and gas investors. So let’s dive right in!

What are oil and gas investors?

oil and gas investors

Oil and gas investors are people who invest in oil and gas assets. For example, oil and gas investors buy non-operated properties, which means they don’t work the well but just own the leasehold interest. This is a great strategy for many reasons including diversification and leverage! Some investors choose to buy royalty interests which are payments based on production. Some oil and gas investors also develop the land or building pads and lease them out to other operators.

An accredited investor is someone who is able to invest in private companies and get a return on their investment. These investors are also subject to specific rules set by the SEC. “Accredited investors” generally have a net worth of at least $1 million excluding the value of their primary residence, or an annual income of at least $200,000 ($300,000 for joint filers) in each of the two most recent years (or $300,000 for joint filers if only one year was completed).

How do you find oil and gas investors?

First, you need an idea of who your ideal investor is. It is important to first develop your marketing materials based on who you are targeting. Some examples of oil and gas investors could include:

Individuals or groups that have done well with previous investments and are looking for an investment with returns over 10%-20%.

High net worth individuals that are looking for projects in the $100K-$2M range. These investors may have other interests as well but do not want to get too involved. They just want to make a return. This may also include family offices that are managing the capital for high net worth individuals but don’t necessarily call themselves oil and gas investors.

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