Hi, everybody. My name is John Fischer. Welcome to salesleads.TV. We’re going to talk about oil and gas investors. This company started 32 years ago, by the way. I started in the business back in 19, I don’t know, 84, 83, working for Hunter Exploration in Bartlettesville, Oklahoma.

I was a cowboy selling earl. And you know what? I got into the lead business, and and we started with oil and gas, and it’s been nothing but oil and gas. And I don’t want to get political on you, but I got to tell you, Moy, I lost so many of my oil and gas clients since the and I’m going to be nice.

The present administration has really screwed things up with the oil and gas industry. But our oil and gas investors and we have a huge database of both clients and prospects. The prospects have gone and been vetted, too, by the broker dealer.

Are you an accredited investor? You make $200,000 a year million net worth, not including your home experience in managing your personal portfolio. $25 to $50,000 risk capital. Yes. And they mail them a private place of memorandum.

So it just doesn’t get better than that. We based our whole business on prospect sheets from other firms, and it’s a market that’s a great business for us. And why would we sell somebody else’s NG Paper?

Ng Paper meaning that they prospected them and couldn’t close them? Well, the rule of thumb is 20% of the brokers brought 80% of the business. So 80% of that paper has never been closed properly. And, guys, the salespeople caliber sucks these days.

It’s gotten so bad. That’s why I’m a one man operation. I’m telling you. I’m rewriting the rule. 10% of the brokers right now, 90% of the business. That’s how bad it’s gotten. So if you’re looking for oil and gas investors, man, we have clients at $5 a piece.

We have prospects at piece. If you do some volume, we’ll bring it out to $0.40. If you have any questions, feel free to call me. 561-239-0364 sales leads Dot TV. Your oil and gas investor source. Have a beautiful day and God bless.