Hi everybody my name is John Fischer welcome to salesleads.tv.  I built this company on an oil and gas investors list that’s all we did we bought back in those days the sheets of paper that people filled out.

What’s an accredited investor? 200,000 income last few years or 300,000 combined income household income, million net worth not including their home, experience and managing their personal portfolio. On top of that my guys ask the guy hey our minimum investment is 25,000. Are you liquid can you afford 25 000 or 50 or 100 whatever their opener was the customer says yes is it risk capital the customer says yes and then they mail them a private placement memorandu.  So that’s as good as it gets buddy, I mean it just doesn’t get any better than that.

They’re 50 cents a piece if you buy 10,000 I drop the 40 cents. Any disconnects, wrong numbers, idiots whatever I replace two for one I’ve got 1.4 million professional litigators no one else has that. I spent a lot of money on that what’s a professional litigator dnc he buys 10 throwaway phones he puts them all in the do not call and he calls you and if you call him he leaves a message you call him back you’re busted. The rules say that before you call somebody regardless of whether it’s a message or not you got to check to make sure he’s on a do not call.  I’ve just never seen such a mess before 250 million people when I scrub my leads what’s left I’m going to run out of leads real quick if you’re buying any kind of massive quantities of leads, so it’s crazy. On top of that you have silence call I mean iphones have a feature they turn on and if you’re not in their contacts you go straight to their voicemail. How does that one feel you’re wondering why you just can’t get get a hold of people anymore and then you’ve got the actual the telecoms are changing your caller id you make x amount of phone calls a day with that particular phone number to suspected spam so yeah it’s gotten really tough.

I mean maybe half of the guys are gonna you know answer the phone and not go straight to voicemail I didn’t create that there’s no way of identifying it but guess what guys I’ve been doing this 32 years and last couple years I’ve been kicking ass. All the rookies washed out all the people that couldn’t close their zippers washed out and the strong that survived were always the guys that never bit they just said send me more.  It’s a freaking numbers game how long do you sit in a slot machine before you walk away for god’s sake you have any questions feel free to call me John Fischer 561-239-0364  have a beautiful day and God bless.