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Oil and Gas Investors

Hi buddy! Welcome to Happy New Year and we’re going to talk about oil and gas and investors. That’s what we do but there’s only one thing oils are accredited and when you go to Google you punch in oil and gas in essence you got to be careful because a lot of scrupulously scrubbers will sell you oil and gas investors but they’re not accredited. And if you’re doing a private placement they absolutely have to be accredited especially be doing that regD 506 C as in Charlie. So, here’s what we saw, accredited investors they come from broker dealer’s guys selling oil and gas deals private placements. They have a procedure. They called the guy up, they read him the definition of an accredited investor. Do you can make at least one thousand a year for the last 3 years, $300,000 combined. Have you got experience in managing your personal portfolio? Do you have at least a million that were not including your home. The guy says yes, this is what we call he’s dead. If he’d been vetted. You can’t grandfather that in you got to do it yourself. Once again when you call them up. You have to make sure he’s a creditor you can’t make the assumption. There is some guys not doing the 506 C. They’re doing the 504, 505, they’ve got some of them with a 35 exemption and they will let in 35 that are not accredit. So, be careful with that. I’m not guaranteeing that every single guy I give you is gonna be accredited. You have to learn.

Next is they ask them hey! It’s 25 to 50 thousand dollars a comfortable entry level. The answer is yes. So, that’s another thing and they’re made of the private placement memorandum. These brokers have skin in the game. They’re looking to make their 10% commission that stuff you buy from the West Coast or the stuff you buy from the survey takers. It’s crap. I’m an accredited investor you’re not calling me up and ask me financial questions about my net worth, my liquidity. Or it’s like that if you’re talking stranger you are not surveying me but I’m on the do-not-call not a mines gonna give you the time of day. Those things are a crap. I’m just telling you those are all book takers they’re not real. You want to buy a lead that was surveyed by a broker who’s got skin in the game looking at the Magus Commission and that’s what we have. One-man operation not one of my competitors out in the West Coast ten fifteen guys on the phone. Kentucky fried turkey, matter of fact you know what we call those leaves the village bite. Same exactly seven and a half since fifty thousand minimum and I’ve got three hundred thousand dollars. So, you want to buy that crap right from me. I got much cheaper than they have it.

My stuff is a dollar apiece $1,000 minimum and he disconnect wrong numbers. Idiots, we replace two-for-one. My stuff is scrubbed against the litigators list over a quarter million names. I will not sell you in Pennsylvania, Montana, South Dakota, North Dakota, Hawaii, Alabama. If you’re doing it on a gas don’t Colorado for you. Do you want to know why? Yeah, Betty Ronson won’t have you. Call me I’m a vet. You got any questions, call me 5612390364.  I’m a veteran in the business. I was in the army but I don’t have one of that. I didn’t see action but I saw actually but anyway 5612390364. Have a beautiful day. Thank you for your time and God bless.