The oil and gas industry has continued to grow in spite of the recession.

This is an excellent industry to be in, and investors are making money on a product whose demand is not waning. As an entrepreneur or company, participating in this industry can yield amazing results. If you want to get in on the action, find the right opportunity and create a private placement memorandum to raise capital. Once you do, oil and gas sales leads can point you towards investors that are interested in this specific industry type.

A private placement is an excellent way to raise capital. When you use Regulation D or Regulation A, you can be exempt from officially registering with the SEC, which decreases the amount of paperwork you have to file. It can also limit the amount of time it takes to draft the offering and start presenting your deal. If you want to avoid additional compliance issues caused by Blue Sky Laws, use Rule 506 of Regulation D to issue your offering.

If you elect to use Regulation D, you need to work with accredited investors.

These are investors that make enough money or have enough assets that the SEC deems them to be more knowledgeable and able to handle the risk associated with investing. Accredited investors are defined as people that have made over $200,000 a year for the past two years as an individual, or $300,000 a year for the past two years with their spouse. The investor can also use their net worth to qualify, as long as it is over $1 million without including their primary residence.

Working with Accredited Investors

When working with accredited investors, the challenge becomes locating them. It is impossible to know how much money someone makes without asking, and this is not normally accepted dinner conversation. Instead, it is much easier to purchase oil and gas sales leads that are comprised of accredited investors that have expressed interest in this type of offering or the industry as a whole. This is a very narrowly focused list and gives you the best opportunity for securing investors. Since you already know that they are accredited and that they like oil and gas, you only need to sell them on why your opportunity is a wise investment.

Before you call from your oil and gas sales leads list, make sure that you have your facts in order and a compelling reason for why they should invest with you. Keep in mind that these investors are probably well versed in the industry, have read up on current trends, and will ask you more difficult questions. This is a good thing because it means they have enough knowledge to know that they like the business. It can also catch you flat-footed if you don’t have your facts in order. Do your homework and write down key pieces of information before you pick up the phone.

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