Hi, everybody. Welcome to Salesleads.tv. This is Teeny-Weeny. Teeny-Weeny is Tina’s daughter. Remember that dog, Tina? She passed away. I had to put her down a couple weeks ago. So this is a new co-star and she’s going to be running security for the office. Anyway, at Salesleads.tv, we sell leads.

What kind of leads do we sell?

All types of leads, but the important one here is oil and gas sales leads. So let’s talk about a sales lead and Oil and Gas Sales Leads.

When I started this company, it used to be called Federal Union. I met this guy. He told me about the Internet and (long story short) we came up with the name Sales Leads as a real good, strong name.

An Oil and Gas Sales Lead is someone that’s looking for oil and gas-type investments. And most of our clients that we buy the leads from are oil and gas guys. Lately, it’s been a small percentage of oil and gas people buying the leads. Crude: $30, $40 a barrel. It’s not very attractive as far as money in/money out and selling it. But I think crude’s going to come back and I think it’s going to be all right. But if you’re looking for oil and gas, a very interesting opportunity has presented itself.

All the guys who I’m buying leads for have been killing themselves trying to get people to buy oil & gas at $30, $40 a barrel and they’ve come up with some dynamite, qualified paper. But you know what? It’s just tough to close somebody when the price of crude is so low, especially when it used to be at $80, $90, $100 a barrel. So if you’re looking for oil and gas sales leads, we have them.

Now (by the way) with oil & gas sales leads, make sure that you specifically ask for an accredited investor. A sales lead’s not enough. You’ve got to make sure that the guy’s accredited. And all of our people (95% of them) are accredited. So again, if you’re looking for sales leads for oil and gas that are accredited, give me a call. John Fischer, 561-981-8777. Have yourself a beautiful day and God bless.