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Oil Leads 11.20.2018

Hi everybody, welcome to Let’s talk about oil leads, you know I try to like coach you guys on words, an oil lead could be anything; it could be some guy in Nigeria with a tank full of oil, it could be some guy selling oil cans. I mean you have to be a lot more specific, but assuming that you’re looking for oil and gas leads or possibly accredited oil and gas leads or accredited oil and gas investors, at that’s what we specialize at.

Our people are accredited, they’ve gone through the vetting process– by a broker, not a survey or opt in, or anything like that, they have been asked, do you make 200,000 a year, a million net worth, not including your home, by the way 200,000 a year for the last two years, experience in managing your personal portfolio, qualified 25 to 50,000 million, at least a million dollars net worth, again, not including their home and they receive the private placement memorandum.

90% of my stuff comes from the oil and gas industry, why? because; 90% of the guys out there– the broker dealers and the people selling private placements happened to be in the oil and gas industry. Now that has come down a lot, because the oil and gas industry suffered the last couple of years, the prices went too low and a lot of people got out of the business, but, if you’re looking for oil leads, we’re going to give you accredited oil and gas leads, our people– again have gone through that whole process and have been vetted to be accredited, because the Reg D 504, 505, 506, even the 506(c) the people have to be accredited– by the way crowd funded, the people have to be accredited.

If you have any questions feel free to call me 561-981-8777. And remember, at you can find all the oil leads you need, have a beautiful day and God bless.