If you’re looking for precious metals IRA buyers, you’ve come to the right place. I’m going to tell you that we have a lot of accredited investors and they almost all have IRAs. We have a huge database and our main business happens to be accredited, investors. They all have IRAs so uh if you’re selling any kind of an IRA deal obviously we don’t want to be in the stock market. Let’s get back to uh precious metals IRA buyers. I come from the old school of precious metals and I got to tell you something when there was a war like there is in Russia right now and Russia is expending a lot of their you know Armaments and ammunition and tanks and whatever and you know we know that precious metals and uh especially platinum and strategic Metals is going to be a huge demand for this stuff as everybody replenishes and restocks.

I’ll tell you what Russia has depleted so much of their Army and tanks it’s crazy and of course the US is depleting because the U.S is sending him stuff so I really am a precious metals guy. I’ve always been a precious metals guy. I think Platinum is the best story ever I’ve been accumulating Platinum for a long time and if you’re looking for someone to buy the precious metals IRA these leads are dynamite.

They’re 50 cents a piece, two thousand minimums for a thousand bucks and if you buy ten thousand I drop to 40 cents. If you have a san number I’ll scrub, if you don’t have a san number I’ll get you one and if you don’t want one you’ll sign my indemnity. I do have 1.4 million professional litigators and troublemakers I automatically clean and get those clowns out of there. I got to tell you 250 million people want to do not call, it’s tough to really you know we were to clean everything we have against that do not call there wouldn’t be a lot of names left so something’s definitely this is not sustainable something’s gonna have to change with that but again 32 years A+ rating we got the goods you got any questions feel free to call me John Fischer 561-239-0364 have a beautiful day and God bless.