Hey, everybody. Welcome to salesleads.TV. precious Metals IRA So how it works is real, real simple. These IRA guys, coin guys, will take your IRA and, you know, be able to let you buy and set up some stock debt with, you know, who at the helm and the craziness in our economy right now and inflation roaring its ugly head.

You may be able to transfer 5000oz of silver or maybe 100oz of gold or whatever, platinum, whatever, through your IRA. So you have the IRA already and you have some boring precious metals or some boring stock that God knows what’s going to happen, especially with the present administration and all the promises that, oh, don’t worry this we’re going to tax the rich.

And all this Craziness, I mean, there’s nothing like a steady Betty commodity like silver, gold and platinum as far as I’m concerned. So these precious metal IRAs, these companies, what they do is they do nothing but sell you precious metals and they use your IRA as a vehicle.

So we highly recommend and they work very well. Our credit investors, I got over a million of them and I just can’t imagine one of my credit investors not having an IRA. And I just can’t imagine them not open to the idea of diversifying their portfolio.

After they watch the news and they see what Craziness is going on and how is the insanity of what’s going on, they’re going to want some kind of stability and some kind of hedge against that Craziness.

And our credit investors will give you that. So if you’re selling and marketing precious metals to IRAs, just give us a call and say, hey John, I’m interested in your credit investors. What do you got?

And, and I’ll tell you what, you’ll be very happy with the results. We’ve been doing this for 32 years. I have an A plus rating. I know what I’m doing. I’m a closer. I sell plenty of silver and gold in the old days.

I’m an ex commodity broker. I know the game. You know, when it comes to buying leads from salesleads Dot TV, you’re not just. So buying leads from some guy who’s hustling leads? You’re buying leads from a closer.

So I get the game. I’ve opened up many, many rooms. I’ve had a few commodity firms. I know the game from the beginning to the end. I know what it’s like to prospect, to qualify. I didn’t qualify. I used to disqualify.

And one day we could have a conversation about that. But I am old school closer. And unfortunately, it’s so tough finding good people. Ah did. I could sell for you. But again, if you’re looking for precious metals IRA leads.

You came to the right place. salesleads dot TV 561-239-0364. Have a beautiful day and God bless.