Hi everybody! my name is John Fischer, welcome to salesleads.tv. Precious metals! again, a very, very, vague keyword, precious metals could be anything, I mean it could be platinum, it could be chromium, manganese, it could be everything. I’m hoping when you go to Google and say precious metals, what is it really what you’re looking for, let me tell you what I sell, I sell people that buy precious metals, either through an IRA or they flat out by the actual bullion itself or they do numismatic coins, so those are your three specific areas when it comes to precious metals.
Bullion, IRA bullion– in other words you can use your IRA to buy bullion, and of course numismatic coins which are graded coins, they not only have the intrinsic value of the weight of that metal, how many ounces of silver gold whatever, but they also have the actual age, how old they are, and also the condition, they’re graded by MF 67, 68, 69, 70, being like the best or even uncirculated. So, if you’re looking for precious metals and or you’re selling precious metals and you’re looking to go ahead and find people that buy them, we sell them at salesleads.tv.

We have a $1,000 minimum, there are a dollar a piece, so you buy 5,000, they go to 50 cents, so, at a $1,000 you get four different files up to fifty, if you go to 5,000 leads, we drop down to 50 cents, so for $2,500 you get 5,000 or a thousand leads you get a thousand, that’s your choice, take the obvious one.

If you have any questions let me know– hey by the way, if you have to sand number, we’ll scrub against them, do not call, if you don’t have a sand number, you’ll sign an indemnity, we have 1.3 million professional, litigators that’s really, really important, does your List Roker have that list? I don’t think so, does your list broker sell you Pennsylvania, Montana, South Dakota, North Dakota, Hawaii, Alabama, bad States, bad states, over-regulated, not very friendly, why buy lead to the state where you have a huge risk– potential risk.

We know what we’re doing, we’ve been doing this a long time, 28 years A+ rating, no complaint– well shoot me, two complaints in 28 years with the BBD, I’ll tell you about it when we have some time, if you have any questions– they’re joke, if you have any questions call me, 561-981-8777. Have a beautiful day, and God bless.


Let’s talk about precious metals. One of the things that makes me different than anybody else I’m smart in the lead business. I started really focusing on the precious metals market so we have two types of leads we have accredited investors and they work very very well for precious metals buyers. Based on your profit margin your sales team is going to make a lot more commission and sell the house.

We have seen a big trend of people fading out of the numismatic coin buyers and going into the accredited investors and getting much much bigger numbers. I’ll give you 50 cents a piece for two thousand minimum, a thousand dollars if you have a san number we’ll scrub for you, if you don’t have a san number we’ll show you how to get one, and if you don’t want to get a san number you sign my indemnity and again the leads are great, especially the coin bar I just picked up, 30 000 brand new ones. So if you’re looking for precious metal leads call me at 561-239-0364 have a beautiful day and God bless.