Hey, everybody. My name is John Fischer. Welcome to SalesLeads.TV. We’re going to talk about private coinbuyers. And what we’re going to do is we’re going to give you the best of both worlds. You have this thing called artificial intelligence.

Right now that’s a big deal. And you know what? I’ve been doing this for 32 years. So I think, like my intelligence and artificial intelligence on this particular in this particular arena, I think we’re going to have a good, good race here.

I think we’ll see who the smarter. I’ve already seen some areas that and of course, these computers aren’t 100% perfect, but I’ve seen a lot of glitches and it’s brand new technology, so I’m sure it’s going to happen.

But let’s go ahead and have some fun. We’re going to go ahead and see what’s out there as far as artificial intelligence on this particular keyword that we use, which is called private coinbuyers. And then I’m going to go ahead and critique it.

If I agree with something, I’ll agree with it. And if I don’t agree, you’ll hear it. So let’s just go on. Private coin buyers are individual or entities that purchase cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin aretheum I don’t know.

Private coin buyers has to do with crypto. So already we got a glitch here. Okay, maybe because it’s Bitcoin, I don’t know anyway, from other individuals or entities. Private coinbirts can be individuals.

Hedge funds. No, I don’t agree. Family offices or other types of investors who are interested in purchasing cryptocurrencies for investment purposes totally disagree. Coinbuyers are numismatic coin buyers.

They’re buying Morgan Silver Dollars. They’re buying gold eagles. They’re buying silver eagles and so on. So this thing is glitching. Private coin buyers typically purchase cryptocurrencies. Wrong. Let’s just keep going here.

Investors, private coin buyers can offer cash transfer other I don’t believe it. One of the advantages of selling cryptocurrency this is way off here can provide. So here’s a perfect example. You know, coin buyers, you know, yeah, crypto can be considered coins, but cryptocurrency is cryptocurrency.

They’re not coins themselves. Although bitcoin is a bitcoin I don’t know, I can see how the computer got confused. Private coin also offers a degree of privacy, anonymity transaction typically conducted outside of traditional financial institutions that are not subject to the same regulatory requirements, traditional security offerings.

Again, they’re talking about crypto currencies, not numismatic coins. However, it is important to note that selling cryptocurrencies, a private coin buyer can also involve significant risk. Private coins may offer lower prices that are the cryptocurrencies are actually worth and may take advantage of sellers who are inexperienced and in need of quick cash.

So pawn shops will do that with a regular coin. You go in with a coin and maybe an ms 70, and they’ll throw it on a scale and maybe give you the weight and forget about the actual numismatic value.

They’ll just give you the intrinsic value. In addition, private coin buyers may not have the same level of security and protection as traditional financial institutions, may be more susceptible to fraud or theft.

Sellers should be aware of the tax implication of selling cryptocurrencies and should consult with a tax professional investing in so this is pretty much they’re talking about bitcoins, and we don’t do anything with bitcoins.

You know, our coin leads. You know, when I sell you a private coin buyer, he’s a numerous man, a coin buyer. He’s a guy who’s buying a silver eagle, a morgan silver dollar, gold eagle, platinum eagle, or whatever.

And the thing about these particular dealers are that they work on a markup. And you know what it’s like if you buy a mortgage, if you buy a Rolex from Mayor’s Jewelry, you’ll buy a watch for $22,000 and as soon as you walk out of that dealership, it’s worth $12,000.

That’s why they call it a keystone markup, which is 100% markup. So does the government have any kind of like, hey, this is the most you could charge as a markup? No, but you know what? The bottom line is that some firms charge a lot of money.

Some of these firms have like these dollar rolls, silver dollar rolls. And you have the expectancy or the silver bags, and you have the expectancy that if you go through the bags you may find some coins that somebody missed that has a high intrinsic value.

It’s a whole game. And I’m not saying that they won’t find coins in there that are worth more money, but the bottom line is there’s a gray sheet and then there’s Pcgs coins. And these are coins that are graded professional grading service.

You have GNC. So there’s two ways to make money with a coin. You could have bullion a silver eagle and just take that silver Eagle and it’s worth 1oz or whatever an ounce of silver or gold, plus or minus, ask or bid.

When you sell or when you buy, 3% usually spread and that’s it. So you buy silver at 20 and it drops to ten. Yeah, there’s a risk involved. You buy silver at 20 and it goes to 30. You sell it, hey, you got to make some money.

I mean that’s simple. The numismatic aspect of it is they take that coin and grade it. It’s sealed in a plastic capsule and then it has the actual PC, GS 69, Ms 70, whatever it may be. It’s got a serial number, it’s got all the codes on it, it’s got all the anti bootlegging type of scenarios.

And both GNC and Pcgs are very well established and. They’re Honored. I mean, Pcgs is someone that we could trust. So again, private coin buyers. That’s what we sell. And the types of coins that they’re looking for are either.

Silver eagles, gold eagles, morgan dollar, whatever the scenario may be, we sell them for $0.50 apiece. Everything I sell you that’s a coin buyer is a coin buyer. So unlike my accredited investors, which are prospects the Coinbuyers actually bought.

Coins? But see, those guys only buy $801,500 worth of leads worth of coins. So your coin buyers level of investment is much, much lower than the accredited investors. I sell accredited investors and I sell numismatic coin buyers.

numismatic coin buyers because it’s a tangible and the guy’s always going to end up with something. He’s going to end up with an ounce of gold or an ounce of silver. That’s worth whatever an ounce of gold and silver is worth.

So this guy’s not going to hurt too badly. Other than the price he bought it at. The price he sold it at, and how high it was marked up, how high a break even he has before he starts making money. On the accredited investor side, those guys are minimum $25,000.

So you imagine I don’t know what commission these people you people are giving your salesman for a $1,000 coin. But imagine if the guy buys $25,000 worth of coins. A lot of my stuff is oil and gas, people.

And I don’t know, a lot of oil and gas people. If you walked into their house and you open up the safe, other than guns and bullets that they’ve got silver coins and gold coins. So I think the mentality is because it’s so easy to get a small guy to put in 600, $800, it’s like a lay down as opposed to having the talent to be able to talk to somebody.

A sale for 25 or 50. And that’s a big problem with the coin rooms, is that the people it’s not only that, I mean, salespeople are so hard to get a hold of, let alone a salesperson that’s not afraid to ask for money.

But the bottom line is, if I was selling numismatic Coins, I would be doing portfolios, I would be doing St Gardens, I would be doing estate sales, I would be doing 25, 50. I’d give the customer a choice of 5000 thousand dollars portfolios.

So again, we have Accredited Investors a lot of money. These guys million net worth, not including their home, 200,000 income. And then we got the numismatic coin buyer. He’s like a squirrel that’s looking for a shiny coin to put in a safe.

I mean, really, that’s what they are. Are there people in the coin buyers that will buy multiples off and become bit clients? Yes, but not as good as the Accredited Investors. The new Mismatic coinbuyers may get some momentum in the room because you’ll get deals, $800,000 deals.

But the Accredited Investor is going to definitely make a big difference in your bottom line when he puts it. Even if he buys 100 ounce or a kilo of gold, or 100 ounce bar of gold, even if the markup is three, four, five, 6%, whatever you’re talking about decent money.

So remember, if you’re looking for somebody, if you have salespeople, they’re not afraid to ask for money, go for the Accredited Investors. If you have people that are just pretty much good for 1000, $503,000, go for the coin buyers and you can diversify, you can mix them up.

You have any questions, feel free to call me. By the way, people that sell coins, federal Trade Commission is your regulator. And I got to tell you something, that’s an Achilles heel, not having a sand number.

If you have a sand number, I’ll scrub for free. I’m a service provider. If you don’t have a sand number, I’ll get you one. You pay the $65 per area code. If you don’t want to get a sand number, you’ll sign my indemnity.

I don’t scrub leads. I don’t have a sand number. I can’t scrub your leads unless you have a sand number. So if you’re buying leads and people are scrubbing them, they’re not around anymore. There’s a big guy in Chicago that’s no longer in business because he used to do that.

He’s a pissed me off because you know what? We weren’t operating on a level board. And guess what? He hasn’t been around for a couple of years, but he kicked my ass for many years. Well, he cleans the leads against the do not call.

Well, how come you don’t and if you got to rip somebody off, don’t rip up the government, for God’s sakes. You have any questions, feel free to call me. Oh, I’m not selling you. Pennsylvania, Montana, South Dakota, north Dakota, Hawaii, Alabama, California, minnesota?

Forget it. If you’re selling numismatic coins or precious metals, you must register in the state of Minnesota to sell anything. So I’m not selling you Minnesota unless you show me you’ve got registration.

Other than that, if you have any questions, feel free to call me. 561-239-0364. Have a beautiful day, and God bless.