My name is John Fischer. Welcome to Salesleads.TV. private coin buyers. So I don’t know private coin buyers, we sell numismatic coin buyers, and I guess they’re private, so I guess we got them half a million names just the last 30 days.

I’ve got bowing campaigns, I’ve got TV respondents. A lot of times they actually show how much they paid for the initial coin coin. In the newest metacoin business, you’ve got the majority. Probably 90% of these guys open up small.

And then depending on how good your salesman is and how good they are enhancing their portfolios, then you can see the action. Lately I’ve been hearing people say, yeah, they open up small, but they don’t spend a lot of money.

My suggestion to you is hire some new salesmen that know how to enhance portfolios. But most important of all, shift gears and start selling these guys, giving these guys a credit investors, because the accredited investor, the minimum he’s going to do is $25,000.

So, I mean, if you can’t talk yourself and into it, show them how much money they make on a $1,200 coin, and show them how much money they make on a $25,000 investment, or on $100 borrow of gold or on a kilo of gold or whatever, huge difference.

So the accredited investors will do the job for you if you’re looking for people to buy coins and stuff like that, instead of selling eagles or selling one coin. And by the way, the high relief, thank God this works really well.

And platinum, god, you got to talk platinum. Platinum is just such a beautiful story. So these private coin buyers pitch and pluck platinum coins. You got the maple leaves and you got the Australian symphony, and you got all kinds of stuff.

I love platinum. I think platinum is the best deal out there. But again, on the small side, you’ve got the enormous amount of coin buyers, fifty cents a piece. On the upper side, the big money, accredited investors, they’re also fifty cents a piece.

You have any questions, call me. 561-239-0364. Have a beautiful day and God bless.