Hi everybody my name is John Fischer welcome to salesleads.tv private placement investor leads I mean that’s what we built the company on 32 years ago. We only buy prospect sheets the way it goes is the broker dealer will call the guy up in order for you to participate you must be an accredited investor.

Number one you must make 200,000 a year for the last two years or 300,000 combined you must have a million net worth not including your home, you must have experience in managing your personal portfolio and and you need to have 25 to 50,000 risk capital. We sell the leads 50 cents apiece 2,000 minimum for a thousand bucks at 10,000 we dropped to 40 cents any disconnect row numbers idiots I replace two for one normally. I’ll sell you three or four different files diversity and then when you’re finished calling everybody you call me back and say John here’s the action this one file really performed better than that file there’s no way on earth if I send you four files that none of them work.

If so, that means your people suck and that’s it I’ll tell you what it’s the toughest now than it’s ever been selling and I’m not making an excuse iPhone came up with a feature called silence call and the if you if your phone number is not on their contact you don’t even ring the phone it goes straight to voicemail. So half the leads I sell you there’s no way of identifying there’s no way of I mean I’ve already dropped prices there’s not much more I could do for you it’s not my fault I mean you got to do not call 250 million people on a do not call.

I know that you know we can’t help it there’s nothing we could do you just have to buy enough leads. It’s still a numbers game and as long as you keep dolling you’re going to be just fine you just have to buy a lot more leaves than you used to before you guys never bought enough leads anyway. You guys buy the same leads and you call them over and over and over again and you piss them off your bag holders you got to just move on man there’s nothing better than a new batch of leads. So if you’re looking for a private place in the vessel leads that’s who we are we’ve been in business for 32 years we have an A+ rating if you have any questions whatsoever feel free to call me 561-239-0364.