Hi everybody my name is John Fischer welcome to salesleads .tv. Private placement a private placement is a vehicle it’s an investment vehicle and it’s used to bring people in now back in the old days we had the general partnerships security exchange commission got down on those and pretty much made them illegal. You don’t see any more general partnerships then came the limited partnerships the lps and then came the llc’s and and they got squashed pretty fast and then came the private placement and the reg d 504 505 506. The 504 is a million or less the 505 is a million to five and the 506 is 5 million plus. The problem with those three the 504, 505 and 506 friends and family pre-existing relationship no solicitation now comes the 506 c as in Charlie you could advertise, but they absolutely must be accredited investors. So a private placement if you’re wondering what it is it’s an investment vehicle and it’s a way like a guy like me if I wanted to go ahead and take salesleads.tv and I wanted to raise some money I wanted to buy some more equipment maybe I got this database that you know I want to buy. I want to you know maybe get some software whatever the story is and I could do a private place for myself. I could raise you know a million dollars with a 504 or whatever it is I don’t have to be a broker a stockbroker and the government has put together this type of an investment vehicle to get away from all the craziness with the red tape and the securities and the stock market and all that sort of thing. Trust me you still have problems with the security exchange commission they’ll watch over you. You could only pay a 10 commission there’s a lot of things you got to be really really careful with a lot of landmines that you can get in trouble with, but private placement is a vehicle and it works very well. You must have accredited investors 200,000 income for the last two years, at least a million net worth not including their home experience and managing their personal portfolio. We sell those; our minimum order is a thousand dollars that’s 2,000 leads at 50 cents apiece. We have more expensive ones but you know this is not the kind of thing I can explain to you in a short three minute video. Please feel free to call me, we got plenty of time we’re isolating you know we’ve been home now for four months and I don’t know how long or how much longer it’s going to be, but it’s kind of fun you know it’s it’s been okay 561-239-0364 thank you for your time stay safe and God bless.