Hi, my name is John Fisher, welcome to salesleads.tv. I wanna talk about qualified investor. You know what, let’s take the pain in the butt, I’m gonna tell you why. I got this guy who supposedly is a lawyer, but he’s the CEO on the board of this like big broker dealer, and he objects to the fact that I’m posting government’s opinion of what a qualified investor and the rules of a qualified investor. It’s kinda like shows up on a keyword, qualified investors vs credit, some crazy stuff like that. The qualified investor according to the SEC and with all due respect wherever you are, and I get a lot of hits on that keyword, it’s amazing. I have an app that show me when people come to my website, the one keyword they came in on, and I’ve also got their email address, and I got a chat from where I can chat with you guys. Pretty cool pretty automated, and I can tell when my business is cooking because that thing just goes off all day long. I see a lot of this qualified vs. accredited. According to the SSE, I’m not quoting them, but I’m telling, they consider an accountant, or they consider a lawyer who doesn’t necessarily have $200,000 income, million net worth not including his home, they consider him to be qualified. In certain cases, you could use qualified investors. hey guys, keep it simple stupid. When you’re dealing with especially [00:01:27.28] don’t mess around with anyone that’s not accredited. You’re like crazy, you’re flirting with a disaster. Just stick to the basics and this guy to be an accredited investor. When you read this SSE quote from the actual website itself of what a qualified investor, don’t reinvent the wheel. This other gentlemen who got really upset, he’s like, that’s the government’s opinion, that’s not my opinion. I don’t have the money to go up against the government, and I really don’t care whose opinion is, I’m gonna go with the government says not with this guy says. You don’t have enough money to liter gate against the government’s opinion, so that’s what happens in court guys, it’s like you against the government, the government never runs out of money, and you got a lawyer to make a lot of money and he things he’s gonna go ahead and change the government’s mind. Stay out of that. Do not, in my opinion, play with qualified investor, and just go strictly with accredited investor. If you have any question, call me. I’m not a lawyer, but I’m just telling you. I’ve done a lot of research on this thing, I even wrote down the post, and I put it back up again after I’ve read the SSE carefully. If you have any question, and by the way, everything I say is my opinion, 561-239-0364, thanks for your time.