Hi, everybody.  John Fischer. Salesleads.tv.  In our continuing, ongoing video series to address the kinda products and kinda leads that you’re looking for, we are doing these videos.  One of the keywords, one of the requests that we get- or a couple of the requests- happen to be ‘qualified investor lead’ and ‘qualified investor leads’. Now, you gotta be careful when you’re looking for qualified investor lead or leads, for the simple reason that qualified for the simple reason that ‘qualified’ is not good enough. If you’re doing a private placement, or you’re doing a…most crowd-funding, you’re going to need an accredited investor. So, be careful using that ‘qualified investor lead’ or ‘leads’, for the simple reason that ‘qualified’ does not equal ‘accredited’.  Again, an accredited investor makes two hundred thousand a year for the last two years, or three hundred-thousand-dollar-combined income; has at least a million net worth,not including his home; has experience in managing his personal portfolio.  And our particular product, our leads, which are broker qualified, and have been sent a private-placement memorandum, they have been qualified.  They have been asked the question: Hey, is twenty-five to fifty thousand a comfortable entry level for a first-time investment?  Or, it could be: Hey, is fifty thousand dollars comfortable entry level for a first time investment?  And they’re asked that question.  They are vetted to be accredited investors, and mailed a private placement memorandum.  That’s what makes salesleads.tv leads different but, I caution you on ‘qualified investor’.  Make sure you make sure that they are accredited investors.

Thanks for your time.  John Fischer.  Salesleads.tv. 561-239-0364.  Have a beautiful day, and God bless.