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Qualified Investor Leads 2

Hi, everybody. John Fischer- You know, I have a lot of people say, ‘John, I need qualified investor leads.’ You know, a qualified investor lead, what does that mean? As far as I’m concerned, the qualification should be ‘Is he accredited?’ And everyone we sell, 95%, are accredited. They have been vetted; they have been surveyed; they have been asked ‘Do you make at least 200,000 a year? Have you got at least $300,000 combined income? Do you have at least a million net worth, not including your home? Have you got experience managing your personal portfolio?’ They also ask ‘em, ‘Hey, is 25 to $50,000 a comfortable entry level?’ And they say yes, and then they are mailed a private placement memorandum.

So, remember, 95% of everything I sell, the PP Crème, which stands for private placement; crème is the cream of the crop. And then they have names like Lava for real estate, Kush for a marijuana deal, Platinum, Nuke- that’s a favorite one; a brand new one’s STP. We make those names up. But the bottom line is there’s a certain amount of leads in each file, and some people have better luck in certain files than others. So we give you a starter pack- a thousand dollars minimum; if you’re a one-man operation- 250 times 4, plus a hundred Big Dogs. If you’ve got 4/5 guys on the phone, you should start with a normal deal, which is twenty-five hundred dollars- 625 times 4, and you get 250 Big Dogs, and that’s for twenty-five hundred dollars.

If you have any questions, please call me- John Fischer: 561-239-0364. Thank you for your time, and God bless.