Hi everybody! My name is John Fisher. Welcome to salesman.tv. We’re going to talk about qualified investors, the housing qualified investors I don’t know. I mean I know what a qualified accredited investor is qualified investor I don’t know. I’d be careful if you say qualified investor, qualified investor could be some guy who Joe Blow call them up with a phone and qualify them. To me a lot of you guys go to Google and say hey! I’m looking for qualified investors. I would be a lot more specific. If you want a guy who basically sort a thousand a year for the last three years three hundred thousand combined million net worth not including a somewhat experienced in managing his personal portfolio that is an accredited investor. If you’re looking for a guy who’s qualified for a quarter million and has at least five million in investable assets that’s our big dogs, it’s a brand name with the only ones that have them. $5.00 apiece those are by the way and those are qualified accredited investors. Big difference between qualified investor and qualified accredited investors. Kind of confusing but if you’re in the business you should understand this. You’re doing a hedge fund or you’re doing a master private placement you’re only allowed to use qualified accredited investors. You do it any kind of a red deep private placement 504, 505, 506, 506 B or C as in Charlie to do one. Where you’re allowed to solicit then you would mean accredited investors. And those are two hundred thousand incomes million that were not including their home. At least experienced in managing their personal portfolio and those are accredited investors, those are the PP crema PP stands for private placement. Crema stands for the cream of the crop and those are a dollar piece. Again, we normally do $2,500 deals 625.4 will give you diversity. We give you 250 big dogs to free. Those 5 files you gotta hit, it possible that you don’t get action of 3 or 4 files of those 5 files.

If you have any questions give me a call. By the way we got an A+ rating. We’ve been around 28 years now. We have the litigators looks like I think I mentioned you quarter million of them. We don’t sell your Pennsylvania, Montana. I thought the code all the troublemaker states. We’re doing the right thing experience guys been doing this for many many years. Both sides I was on the phones and now 28 years up and doing nothing but selling leagues. Thank you for your time if you have any questions call me 5616390364. Have a beautiful day and god bless you.