Hi everybody! Salesleads.tv, welcome to qualified investors. I always ask myself, what’s a qualified investor and what’s an affluent investor, qualified investor, what do they mean by that. The bottom line is I got to tell you, I don’t like that word, I want to see you use the word qualified accredited investor, so here comes the weird thing here, an accredited investor makes $200,000 a year for the last two years, a million net worth not including his home, experience of managing his personal portfolio.
Qualified investors have 250,000 minimum investment risk capital and has at least 5 million in investable assets, that’s a big, big, difference, big dogs– we have the website bigdogs.tv, very few have around, highly qualified lead, if you look at my testimonials it’s all about the big dogs. So, forget qualified investors, how about qualified investors, that’s what we sell.

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Welcome to salesleads.tv we have been in business for 32 years and we have an A+ rating. Let’s talk about qualified investors. All I know about qualified investors is that an accredited investor makes 200,000 a year or 300,000 combined million net worth, not including his home and experience in managing his personal portfolio. These are all vetted by a broker-dealer that’s why I buy them and they were mailed a private placement memorandum so they qualify for 25 to 50 risk capital.

The bottom line is he’s qualified. Personally, I like accredited better because at least accredited we have the security exchange commission’s definition of what that qualification happens to be. By the way these qualified accredited investors and are hard to get. We got the big dogs and they are a dollar a piece we got about 9,000 of them and they are business leads with 5 million plus in annual sales that have been vetted.

A qualified accredited investor I think it’s vague I think we should talk in the lead business about accredited investors or qualified accredited investors by the way if you’re doing a hedge fund or you’re doing a master private placement you can’t use regular accredited investors you could only use qualified accredited investors. The leads are 50 cents a piece two thousand minimum for a thousand dollars if you have any questions feel free to call me 561-239-0364 have a beautiful day and God bless.