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Pre-qualified Leads That Save You Time and Money’s core business is to provide qualified sales leads for corporate services and product marketing. Qualification is done during the lead generation process itself by utilizing the latest telemarketing techniques (see our surveyed leads page for more details), e-mail campaigns (double opt-in list subscribers), and targeted direct mail campaigns. These strategies effectively filter our source databases in multiple passes, which create qualified prospect lists comprised only of individuals that have responded favorably to products or services similar to ones you are offering.

Our strictly qualified lists originate with sources such as Dun and Bradstreet, as well as with selected organizations such as the American Bar Association, American Medical Association, and major magazine subscription lists.

We ensure that we will provide our clients with freshly qualified leads, as our primary goal is to help you get new customers. If we’ve done our job, we expect that in turn you will want to partner with for future marketing and sales-related services.

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