If you’re in sales, a quality lead list is the first step to closing more deals

If you’re working from an old or stale lead list, you could be wasting time by calling numbers that have been disconnected or asking for people that no longer live at that address or work there.  You can increase your closing ratio before you ever pick up the phone by doing some research and narrowing down your leads first.

In Order to Secure a Quality Lead List, You Need to First Determine What Type of Leads You’re Looking For

Leads can be sorted in several ways.  If you are calling on business prospects start by selecting the appropriate NAICS codes. These are the codes that are assigned to each industry type.  For example, if you want to call on retailers you can find the main retail code then narrow it down by the sub-industry within that industry.  That way you can call on clothing retailers instead of mom and pop convenience stores.  This can all be done by selecting the appropriate code and a full list can be found online.

If You’re Calling Consumers, Your Lead List Can Be Broken Down By Demographic Data

Demographics refers to the characteristics of a person.  For example, their gender, age, income level, educational level, and more.  If you are working on a political campaign, you can have your list sorted by their party affiliation, as well.  By determining the demographics of your ideal customer, you can increase your closing ratio.

You should also request a specific geographical area when obtaining your lead list.  This is important for several factors.  When you are calling on a set region you can tailor your sales pitch based on local community events and how people in that part of the country like to communicate.  For example, when calling southern states you should employ good manners and be more friendly and casual in your tone.  When calling on northern states you may want to get to the point faster and be more direct.  You can refine this through experience but in general it is not wise to switch back and forth between regions.  Instead, cover one region at a time or focus on one per day so that you can get into a groove.

At times, there may be ways to obtain a lead list that comes from people applying online, entering contest, or looking into specific products and services. This is the most expensive type of leads you can purchase as they indicate that a consumer may have an immediate need and be willing to make a purchase in the near future.

If you want to run an email campaign, in addition to your calling efforts, you can have a list broker get you a quality lead list with emails on it.  This can help you to improve your closing ratio by giving you multiple ways to reach a specific prospect.  To learn more or to order your own lead list, contact SaleLeads.tv at 800-590-5323.