Cold calling is a fast way to reach people.

While it may not feel fast, cold calling is still the best way to reach people immediately.  Other marketing methods like direct mail, radio, television, or print require someone to pick up the phone or walk into your location.  By calling them at their home or office you have the opportunity for an instant sale or adding to your pipeline.

Any cold caller knows that it is a numbers game.  The more people you call, the higher your chances are of hearing a “yes”.  Once you are in the zone and making calls it is important not to get distracted by paperwork or other work items.  Using a leads tracking software can help you to make more calls without the distractions that slow you down. The simple task of shuffling through paperwork to organize your leads takes time away from picking up the phone and making a call.

Here is how a leads tracking software can help you close more deals:

  • Lead list.  It all starts with quality leads.  At we can provide you with high quality leads in a format that can be uploaded directly into the  software.
  • Script.  Use a script and become so familiar with it that you can deliver your pitch without delay.
  • Process.  A robust lead tracking software guides you through the sales process while helping you document exactly what stage you are in.  With one look you can tell if the lead has been reached, sent information, and more.
  • Reminders.  How many deals have you not closed because you didn’t follow up at exactly the right time?  Missing a call back by a couple of days can mean the deal goes to the competition.  Lead tracking software will remind you to contact a prospect so you can close more.
  • Keep in Touch.  Lead management software can help you keep in touch with prospective clients over the long term.  This is important when a prospect may not be ready to make a buying decision until six months or a year from now.
  • Compliance.  It is important to stay in compliance with the Do Not Call laws. Make sure you update your lead list by taking people off that do not want to be called.  Working with ensures your leads are already scrubbed off the DNC.
  • Distribution.  If you are working with a team of sales people a lead management software can help you to distribute leads and track how well each sales person is doing.
  • Reporting.  Lead management software will give you the reporting tools you need to know how successful your campaign is.  Reporting is essential for improving your results.

Using a robust lead tracking software can increase your success and help you close more deals.  There are several companies offering this service, like Lead360 and, at a large and small scale.  They have been shown to increase sales closings so get started and see your numbers improve.