Hi everybody! John Fischer salesleads.tv, real estate investor or investors, boy you hit the jackpot, I have got a 2018, 2017, opt-in qualified 100,000, attended a webinar 42 minutes, these are the best leads I’ve had in long time, a matter of fact, I have recently the last six months tested them for oil and gas, tested them for precious metals, crypto and marijuana and they are just highly responsive, highly responsive.

Normally, I don’t do opt-in and normally I’m leery about any kind of stuff off the internet and any lead I sell you will always have 5, 10%– you know it’s like questionable, but you know what? These leads are dynamite, they’ve got a great track record and you know there’s a few real estate people out there, but the ones that have come and asked for the sort states or ask for the territories, have absolutely kicked ass with this file.

So, if you’re looking for a real hot, real estate investor or investor list and by the way, they’re all accredited, $100,000 minimum and they’re specifically asked are an accredited investor, their $2 for the 18, $1 for the 2017, if you buy quantity, we could talk. My minimum investments a $1,000.

If you have any questions feel free to call me, bear@salesleads.TV 561-981-8777, your source for real estate investors.