Hi everybody my name is John Fischer welcome to salesleads.tv. Let’s talk about real estate private placement, you know it’s really become a big deal now a lot of people are starting to ask for those types of leads and we got them. Matter of fact, I’ve got a major financial network platform. I got forty-three thousand cell phones, thirty-three thousand with emails, twenty thousand with addresses and they work quite well for the real estate market it’s what we call a vertical. That means that it’s exactly what you’re looking for in that particular market. They attended a 42 minute webinar on how to take advantage and profit off of the real estate market these were opted in with ip addresses and email back in 2018.
I had a hundred thousand of them they’ve been updated every single year they’ve been hit for marijuana and then it was crypto originally real estate and then oil and gas. It’s just a real hot lead list and it’s probably my hottest selling lead list that I have. If you have any questions feel free to call me at 561-239-0364. Again, it’s definitely the best real estate private placement lead in the country, it really is. I’ve had it for a couple of years and it is just consistent.

Hi, my name is John Fisher, welcome to salesleads.tv. Guys you know what, the last year, the real estate people guy selling real estate private placement, it wasn’t really a big deal. There wasn’t a lot of them. I may still have realestateprivatements.com I think that was. Lately, it seems like everyone is doing real estate right now, so all the sudden this market got hot. I’ve got 40,000 2018 40,000 2017 that are the best possible real estate leads to get your hands on. If you’re buying 10,000 at a time, I drop the 50 cents opt-in time snap, IP address, some have address preview. You get the phone number, and these people are all real estate people, they’ve all attended webinars, they’re dynamite. And by the way, what I love about these is they work for marijuana, they work for CBD, they work for Bitcoin. I have a guy if you take a look at my testimonials, he kicked ass oil and gas people. He’s a one man operation, he’s over half a million a month for six months using these. It’s an investment network they’re dynamite, and we’re talking about verticals, if it is oil and gas and you’re doing oil and gas, that’s your verticals. If it’s real estate, you can use oil and gas but a much better scenario would be a real estate, the guy who requested information specifically about real estate. They’re qualified, 100,000 minimum, they have checked off that they’re accredited, and I’m telling you, they’re dynamite leads. We’re doing any type of real estate investment deal, they’re great. Another one I have which I haven’t sold it yet. I’ve got 2,500 buyers and sellers commercial real estate. We didn’t really add it up, but it looks like half a billion in sales, how many dollar per foot, it’s got all kind of information. You wanna be the first guy that buy that list, tell me what I got because I really don’t know. They’re $5 a piece, that’s what paid for, and I gotta tell you, they’re gonna be a freaking run, I mean these are big money people. I have their email address, their phone numbers, and it’s again, it’s a commercial property, buyer seller with maybe 35 fields of how many dollar per square foot, how much he paid and all that kind of information. If you’re looking for real estate leads, we got them, 561-239-0364. Have a beautiful day and god bless.