Hi Everybody. My name is John Fischer. Welcome to salesleads.TV. And guess what the topic is? Sales Leads does not say they’re sales Leads. Tell you a quick story. Many years ago I was watching the Super Bowl.

There was a company called Info USA. They had a million they paid a million dollars for a 1 minute spot on the Super Bowl. And I was so pissed off. I said to myself, man, I wish I had that that kind of money.

I just can’t believe it. And I was watching the subaru with this guy who was just starting to build websites and he said, so let me build your website. So I had this website back then, the name of the company was Federal Union Gold Liquid Shimmering.

And it’s just nothing but a tribute to my freaking ego. There was nothing useful about the website. It was kind of cool on the Gold Shimmering. Anyway, it was Kaka. And he said, let me show you how to do this.

Call me on Monday. I said, okay, let’s do it. So he said to me, what do you remember from that night? Not on drink. I’ve been cleaning so over 38 and a half years. And I said, well, I remember sales leads.

He goes, okay, what else do you remember? I remember watching it on TV. He goes, okay, what else do you remember? Not pretty much that we sold a lot of the same product. He goes, okay, so let me go take a look at what’s available.

Let’s see if sales leads is available. So he went to GoDaddy, salesleads.com was taken and it’s been taken ever since. And the guy sells some weird product, but he’s not a competitor. And we’re looking around, he said, you know what, dot TV is available.

And I said, no kidding. So what’s the story? Well, the.com is only $8.95 and it ranks very well. The Dot TV is brand new, but we’re starting to see, you know, Google take the thing on and it’s starting to rank up there with the.com so, but let’s go ahead and buy that one.

I said, how much is that? $29.95. Okay, how much is the website going to cost me? Anyway? Long story short, next time the Super Bowl came in. We got about 360 calls the next day and did nothing wrong except for they barely they watched the Super Bowl, they saw the Info USA TV commercial, and they remembered sales leads, and they remembered TV.

And they went to Google and punched in sales leads TV. And there I was. You know, the guy called me up, gupta and bitching among that. I did this and I said I did nothing wrong. I’m a smart businessman, man.

And you know what? You just need to cya later on. He was allegedly busted for embezzling 30 million. He was a big Clinton lobby guy, and he disappeared. And then Info USA is a big company, $30 billion company based out of India.

He started some new thing. I don’t know. He was actually giving leads away for free. But that’s the history of this company, how sales leads came around. It’s a lot of time to spend on my history, but now you know it.

Let’s talk about sales leads. What is a sales you know what sales is, and you know what leads are. If you’re looking for puppy dogs, a sales lead would be someone that’s looking for puppy dogs. I mean, it’s real simple.

I like the sales leads for the simple reason of that story I just gave you and how simple it is. But we sell our credit investors, and we sell numismatic coin buyers, and that’s what we specialize as a salesleads TV.

So now you know how the history of salesleads dot TV and how we came around. You have any questions, feel free to call me. 561-239-0364. Have a beautiful day, and God bless.