Hello, everybody. My name is John Fischer. Welcome to salesleads TV. And guess what? We’re going to talk about sales leads. I’ll tell you a quick story. I don’t know how many years ago I was watching the Super Bowl, and I saw the back then, it was I think it was Info USA commercial, and it was a 1 minute commercial.

I knew the guy paid a million dollars. And I was so jealous. I was saying, Man, I wish I could afford to do this kind of thing. And I was sitting with a guy who was just getting into the Internet. And I had this website of this, like, liquid gold, and it had my name on it.

It was like some kind of an ego narcissist. I don’t know what the hell it was, but it was crazy. It did absolutely nothing for me and got no calls from it, no nothing. It was just like a monument to how great I was.

Anyway, we started talking, and I said, really? That website thing really works? He goes, yeah. He says call me on Monday. Let’s see what kind of words are available. We’ll go to GoDaddy. And he said, I know you don’t drink or do drugs, but most of these people, when they wake up on Monday morning, what do you think they’re going to remember?

And I said, sales leads. Okay, let’s write that down. And he says, what else? TV. He goes, okay, we’re going to write that down. So he calls me up on Monday. He goes, Guess what? I can’t find salesleads.com.

It’s taken. The guy does some kind of I don’t know. He does some kind of seminars, but salesleads TV is available. And I said, really? And I said, the TV is $29. the.com is $8. So I’m saying the.com is better than the TV.

Why is it Tvmore.com? He goes, it doesn’t matter. We’ll do some work, and we’ll get this thing up and going for you. And you know what? Here we are. Roll forward. I mean, we’ve been in business 32 years.

This was mid flight, so maybe 1015 years ago, 1520 years ago. And that’s how it worked. Um. Since then, I bought a credit investor Leads.com. That’s fine. I’ve got a credit investors.net, that’s fine.

You know, so I’ve learned the business, and I’ve gotten a lot of I’ve actually got 36 websites other than leads. I own toys for big boys.com. I own toys for big girls, triple XXX.com. I wonder what they sell.

I’ve got immune shield TV. I’ve got some of my complaints. I got comcast Complaints.com. I’ve got bumble complaint. I’ve got Aquincomplaint before they really did me good. And little David went ahead and did his job to goliath Aquincomplaints.com.

So I’m pretty good with the Internet. I know what to do. And talking about being pretty good with the Internet, just wasted two minutes and 39 seconds sales leads. So Google does this ranking thing, and they crawl your website, and you’re constantly trying to come up with the best content.

And we don’t like this. They come up with Penguin updates, and they come up with parrot updates, and you have to constantly figure out what the hell they let you do. Don’t do it’s out of control. And at the same time, they control the pay per click.

So talk about like they got you by the, you know, Watts. But anyway, long story short, recently we’ve seen artificial intelligence come in. So we’re smart. We go to artificial intelligence, say, hey, how much research do we have to do?

We got most of this research on AI. So now recently, yesterday, I’m reading, Google frowns upon this and Google frowns upon that. So I’m looking, and it’s like, I’m like, yeah, man, we finally figured this thing out.

We’re going to go ahead and use AI. Oh, it’s not personal. It’s very spammy. And we frown upon it and this and that and this, that. And I’m like, man, now how am I supposed to find content? Do I have time to sit down and really, really read and do this content?

So me being the smart guy that I am, having my own intelligence of being in this business for 32 years, I decided we’re going to take AI and me, our intelligence. Compete. So I’ve got an AI article on sales leads and then I’m going to go ahead and critique and I think I will serve Google because I’ll go ahead and kind of like interpret, go right down the middle and I think this is going to be the right solution.

I think the Google Gods will look down upon me and say, that’s pretty good, Fisher, we’ll go ahead and give it to you. Say those leads are individual companies that have shown interest in a product or service and maybe potential customers.

Finding high quality sales leads is essential for businesses of all sizes as it helps increase revenue, grow the customer base. Here are some of the ways to find sales leads so far. I agree. Referrals.

Word to mouth, of course, referrals. But you have to have someone to refer who’s referrals from who. So satisfied customers can be a powerful source of sales lead. Yes, I agree. But if you’re just starting out, you don’t have that.

But anyway, for the future, encourage your customers to refer their clients, their family business and other incentives such as discounts not so sure you could do that legally. And rewards the customers for new leads.

Not sure you could do that either. Network attend industry events and conferences, meet potential customers, build relationship use social media platforms such as LinkedIn to connect with potential customers and share valuable content.

Joining local business groups of Chamber of commerce that can provide I’m not quite sure that these people are going to want you soliciting them in the middle of those kind of conferences and they got like the Money show where people pay to go there.

And that may be something if you’re doing a big enough private place when you have enough money in your budget, that makes sense. I’ve seen that done before, but it costs a lot of money to do the Money Show.

Content marketing. Create valuable and informative content that addresses the needs and interests of your target audience. This can do blog posts, articles, video infographics, social media by providing value to your audience.

So pretty much what I’m doing right now. The problem with websites. Looking to raise money with sales leads and you’re trying to raise money for a private placement, it could be a problem as far as, like, solicitation and stuff like that.

So you got to be careful. Search engine optimization, optimize your website, which is what I’m doing right now. And yet it makes sense. This can include optimizing website content, megatags building, high quality pay per click.

I 100% disagree with pay per click. Unless you’re doing something local, it’s expensive as hell. Social media advertising, lead generation. So social media advertising makes sense, but let’s talk about sales leads, because why am I going to talk about something I don’t sell?

I’m not serving myself. So we sell two things at salesleads TV. We sell Accredited Investors and we sell numismatic coin buyers and precious metal buyers. I made the decision to sell those two products because if I’m selling someone’s name, address, or phone number, I want to give as much protection as I possibly can.

So by doing the Accredited Investor the Accredited Investor is sophisticated. He’s million net worth, not including his home. He’s making 200,000 a year. He’s got experience of managing his personal portfolio.

I feel comfortable that the people whose names I sell are sharp and smart enough to look through most of the scams that are out there. And I think, like, guys doing scams don’t mess with accredited investors.

Because I got these lottery guys that call from Jamaica. They disguise their voices like they look like they’re Americans. And there’s no more lottery leads. They bust doing that. No, yeah, I’ll take your credit investors and it’s like, Listen, man, I don’t want to talk to you.

I said, the guys down here, the Feds down here are looking for guys like you. They call us up and ask you, hey, if you get any phone calls from guys that sound like they’re Jamaican, let us know right away.

I said, Hang up the phone, will you? So they do that. They take unsuspecting people. And because they can’t, you know, could you imagine buying a lottery? A guy’s gonna tell you what lottery number to pick.

Give me a break. But the accredited investor, he’s too sharp for that. You try to sell him, you know, a lottery lead, you know, so the credit investor sharp. He’s gonna do his due diligence. But you know what?

Some of these private places have great ideas. And you know what? And some of them do become home runs, but a lot of them become strikeouts, probably 90% of them. I mean, they’re really high rate of failure on them.

But the other thing I sell is tangibles, intangibles. If one of my customers sells you a gold coin, whether it’s graded or not graded Pcgs, or just a 1oz gold eagle, okay? One day when you want to go ahead and sell that coin, you’ll go to the precious metal deal and put it on the scale, whatever it’s worth.

They’ll look at the spot price, minus or plus whatever they’re going to charge you, and they’re going to give you that amount of cash. So you’re getting something. It’s a tangible so after you finish the leads that I sold ended up them buying an investment.

One drives a private placement, and it’s part of his life, as part of his investment strategy, to take 1015 percent of his risk capital and take shots like this. So I’m okay with that. And so are they.

My tangible buyers are getting something. They’re not getting what they had before with the leverage where you could control $30 billion worth of silver with $3,000. And then no one bought the gold. And when it was time to make the metals made a move, no one was there.

That’s not the investments that I would sell leads to. I had my own website called Section 742 because people call me up and say, yeah, I’m looking for precious metal leads. I said, no, we don’t sell people that are selling that shit.

But a numismatic coin buyer, he’s buying the St. Gordon’s, he’s buying a gold eagle. You know, ten ounce bar a kilo gold. That makes me feel good. It makes me feel he’s got something, you know, and and that’s it.

So in my case, sales leads are only two products. They’re credit investors and the gold buyers. Gold, whether it be numismatic, coins, or just plain old bullion, you buy a silver eagle, it’s bullion. You buy a graded Ms 70.

It’s a graded, you know, eagle. The value of the condition makes the coin a little bit more valuable, so I hope. I cleared up all that information about sales leads for you. If you have any questions, feel free to call me 561-239-0364.

We’ve been in business 32 years. We have an A plus rating. If you have a sand number, we’ll scrub your leads with service providers. You don’t have a sand number, we’ll show you how to get one. Other than that, there’s a lot of states we won’t sell you because they’re overregulated.

Pennsylvania, Montana, south Dakota. North Dakota, Hawaii, Alabama, California. If you’re doing numismatic coins or metals, I’m not selling in Minnesota. You got to register first and show me the registration, and then I’ve got 1.4 million litigators troublemakers.

I’ve been accumulating that list forever. I automatically scrub that list and make sure you guys never talk to those idiots. They’re blackmailers. They call you up on a burner, they say, hey, they leave a message, you call them back.

Hey, how can I help you? I’m on the do not call. You owe me $8,000. I’m calling the FTC. Yeah, I’m telling you, these guys, just go to Google and punch in DNC litigators and see how dangerous that can be.

If you have any questions, this is a lot of time we took, but call me. 561-239-0364. Have a beautiful day, and God bless.