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3 Types of Leads

You know I’ve got three types of leads. And you’ve heard me bad-mouthing the Village Bike. What is the Village Bike? The Village Bike is those leads that are out there that are being called over and over and over again because my competitors out in California, Illinois and wherever they are; they keep selling the same names over and over and over again. They’re not developing anything new. They’re just going into the same database.

And unfortunately there are so many guys out there calling those few accredited investors that are out there and it starts with the Village Bike. Okay? They’ve been ridden by everybody. To find a list that’s not hammered is very, very hard and we’ll talk about those. But the Village Bike that we used to cut down on – We talk about no pikers and we do all this sort of – You know what? I’ve been discriminating people that can’t afford a $1,000.00 minimum and I’m about to change that.

Only with the Village Bike I’m dropping the prices dramatically. I’m going to make it so crazy that you’ll never buy from my competitors again. If you don’t think it’s the same leads they’re selling you send me phone numbers and I’ll show you it’s the same exact database. I’ll post the database so you can see what I’m talking about. If you buy 2,500 leads I’m going to come down to $.20. It’s a $500.00 order. If you buy 10,000 leads I’m dropping down to $.15. The same exact leads you’re buying from those guys.

If you come down to 25,000 – If you do 25,000 leads $10.00 apiece. And if you buy 50,000 leads $.075. That’s going to give somebody a bad day when they see that. By the way go to http://www.villagebike.net if you want to hear more and see a video all about the Village Bike. Like the Village Bike the PP Crema and the Big Dogs. Everything is a private place for memorandum recipient. If you have a SAN number I’ll scrub them. If you don’t have a SAN number I’ll get you one. If you have the Griffin System or you do your own in house do not call you’ll sign an indemnity letter and it becomes your responsibility.

The Village Bike – my people have been pinged. There’s a way of pinging a phone line to make sure that the number is an open on closed circuit. So our disconnects are well below ten percent. They have tremendous disconnect – 25, 30, 35. We suppress against previous orders – suppression. You’ll see from those guys if you go back two or three orders ago they’re selling you the same numbers. They’re sneaking in the same numbers. They don’t even do suppression. They don’t even tell you about the State of Pennsylvania.

Never do you sell someone Pennsylvania, North Dakota, or South Dakota. You’re not doing business with the right guy. I’m the guy you want to talk to. The PP Crema – private placement. Crema stands for the cream of the crop – 65,000 names, trusted source. I’m the only guy who hasn’t. That’s why they’re not hammered. And they’re coming from my clients. My clients – you know we have integrity. We do win/win business. We take care of each other. If he says I’m not selling them to any competitors I’m not selling to the other competitors.

The Big Dogs – they’re $5,000,000.00 minimum net worth as opposed to $1,000,000.00 and they’ve got a $250,000.00 liquid risk capital as opposed to $25,000.00 to $50,000.00. If you’re doing a hedge fund or if you’re doing a master private placement that’s the only lead you can buy – $5.00 apiece. Again $5.00 for the Big Dogs, $2.00 for the PP Creama, and as low as $.075 depending on quantity. $.20 to $.075.

If you have any questions call me: 561-981-8777. Have yourself a beautiful day and God bless.