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Hi, everybody. John Fischer. I’m the owner of SalesLeads.tv. What we do is we sell accredited investors lead lists.

Who is an Accredited Investor?

An accredited investor makes $200,000 a year, a Million net-worth (not including his home). He’s qualified for $25,000 to $50,000. We sell these leads for a buck apiece. We’ve been in business 29 years with an A+ rating, no complaints.

If you’re looking for a real strong, qualified, accredited investor lead list, give me a call. John Fischer: Salesleads.tv  561-981-8777

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SalesLeads.tv Offers the Following Accredited Investor Leads for Sale:

Oil & Gas Investments

Precious Metals / Numismatic Coins

Private Placements

Real Estate Investments

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