Every salesperson needs to know how to create a sales pitch, test it for effectiveness and tailor the pitch based on the audience. This essential skill is necessary for being a strong closer. If this doesn’t sound like you – use our tips to get even better.

How to Create a Sales Pitch

You may only have minutes to make the case for why someone should work with you or buy from you. Every second of what you say has to count so use these tips to prepare.

#1 List out your value proposition

What is your value proposition? Think of it this way – what do you offer that is of value to a potential buyer or investor? Are you offering expertise, the best quality, fast turnaround times, etc.? Write a list of words that are associated with your value proposition and use them frequently.

#2 Determine what makes you unique

How are you different from the competition? There must be a reason for someone to buy from you or invest with you as compared with your peers. If you offer better service – how? If you have more expertise – describe it!

#3 Why should people act now?

A good sales pitch should include information for why someone should act quickly. If a deal or offer will be available for the next ten years, there is no sense of urgency and prospects will not be motivated to make a decision one way or the other. This can lead to months and months of calls or meetings without a final decision. Come up with a good reason that someone must act quickly. People are loss averse which is why ‘limited time offers’ work so well at capturing attention.

#4 Decide what does your target market cares about

You need to understand the mind of your ideal buyer and determine what they care about. What is important to them at a personal level? If you don’t understand them it will be difficult to sell to them. Do they care about efficiency because they are so busy? Do they care about prestige and enhancing their own reputation? Do they care about security and stability? You need to find out.

How to Build Your Sales Pitch

Once you have the answers to #s1-4 you can begin to build your sales pitch by combining the words that describe your value proposition with what makes you different from the competition, and why someone should act now. Then, take that information and frame it in light of what your target audience cares about.

Test Your Pitch

So, how do you know which sales pitch is the best? The best way is to practice. If you have a sales leads list, break it into several smaller lists. Create a different sales pitch for each list. Then, compare the results from each list to determine which one is the most effective so you can use it going forward.

Order Sales Leads and Reach Your Target Audience

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