At Sales Leads, we specialize in accredited investor leads and we have had skin in the game for 30+ years. If you are looking for accredited stock broker leads, then you have come to the right place! We specialize in many different types of leads, but today we are specifically talking about stock broker leads. Let’s jump right in!

What are leads?

“Before anybody can sell a stock, then they need to buy it. They are kind of like the chicken and egg question. It’s funny how one of our clients referred to it saying, “Who pays the piper when the music stops?” Well, it is up to you! As for today’s topic of conversation, leads are often used synonymously with broker leads or brokerage leads.

So what exactly is a lead?

A lead is simply the first step in the buying process. A lead request comes from an investor who has interest in purchasing some type of stock.

What are stock broker leads?

A stock broker lead is a referral request initiated by a broker and works in much like a phone call to an individual who wants to sell their stock. As mentioned, a lead request comes from an investor who has interest in selling some type of stock.

Why do you think that brokers and investors rely on stock broker leads?

There are many reasons why investors will use stock broker leads. The first one is simple – convenience. A broker lead makes the sale feel very easy and convenient for both parties involved. A broker lead can be sent via email or fax and does not require the individual to go through the long, grueling process of (receiving a phone call). It is definitely an easy sell. Another reason – time – we believe that everyone has a limited amount of time to work on trades and they can’t spend all their time on them.

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