Hi, everybody. Stock-investor leads. What’s a stock-investor lead? I mean it’s a guy who invests in stocks. These are what we call keywords. These are the words that you guys punch into Google, MSN, and Yahoo! And then, we, the guys that own the companies, we, like, look at the keywords and say, ‘What exactly is it that he’s looking for?’ You know, a stock-investor lead is a guy who’s looking to invest in stocks, but you know, to me, I don’t like that keyword, because a stock investor could be a three/ five thousand dollar guy, a ten thousand dollar guy. Sorry, guys; they’re what we call pikers. You know, they’re small guys. So, if there’s ever a problem, you lose their money, they’re gonna complain.

I will sell you an accredited investor. I’ll sell you a guy that makes at least two hundred thousand a year; he has at least a million net-worth, not including his home. And I’m not gonna sell you that crap that the rest of the list brokers out there are selling ya. By the way, right now, zero stock brokers. I have none. I deal with the private-placement arena. Those guys send more money; those guys just don’t give me a hard time; those guys are closers. I don’t know what’s happened to the stock industry, but they’re not my kinda people, not my kinda customers. I don’t have the patience for ‘em, and I’m not trying to offend ya. If you’re old school, you and me are gonna get along fine. If you’re gonna ask me for a sample, or if you’re gonna ask for a two hundred and fifty dollars order, please, don’t even bother. You have any questions, call me, John Fischer: 561-981-8777. Have a beautiful day.

Hi, everybody. John Fischer, salesleads.tv. Guys, if you’re looking for stock leads, stock investors, stock buyers, bluechip buyers, you know, whatever, we have ‘em.  But I’m gonna tell you what makes me different than anyone else out there. Number one: I barely have any stockbrokers for clients.  I wanna be super candid with you.  I’ve been doing this for twenty-seven years.

The new stockbroker–I’m not offending you guys; if you’re old time, old school, I love you, please call me. But you new guys, the pikers that ask for two-hundred-and-fifty-dollar deals and samples, please don’t call me; I don’t want nothing to do with ya.  And don’t take it personal if you’re an old-timer, old-school like me.  What makes me different, guys, is my guys aren’t pikers. My guys are accredited investors.  I’m not selling you a three/five thousand dollar all three years IPO list, ok? Those people are gone.  I’m giving you an accredited investor- a guy that’s looking and speculates in the private-placement arena.  If he speculates in a private-placement arena where he’s using 10% of his net worth, and looking to hit that home run, trust me, if you have some new issue, some new offer, and even if you have an IPO, he’s gonna buy.  And don’t pitch him three or five thousand dollars; he’ll hang up on ya.

You know, what good is making 10% on two or three thousand dollars.  That doesn’t turn anybody on.  But if he’s putting twenty-five or fifty in, then he’s making some money, and that will turn him on.   So, if you’re looking for stock leads, ask for accredited investors.  Don’t ask for stock buyers or bluechip buyers; ask for accredited investors. Those guys gonna have a two hundred thousand dollar income last two years, at least three hundred thousand dollars combined; they have a million net worth, not including their home; and they have experience in managing their personal portfolio.  That’s the kinda guy you should be calling and closing if you’re a stockbroker.  Again, if I offended you, you know what, I’ve been doing this for a long time, and the stockbrokers changed dramatically.  The old-school guy was a great guy.  He had a team of people that made calls for him, twenty, thirty rookies that sat there and came up the ranks like everybody else did, and they’d spend five/ten thousand dollars.  Now, I got these new guys.  They want samples.  They want two-hundred-and-fifty-dollar deals.  I mean, how well are you doing in the marketplace, and how well are you gonna do with two hundred and fifty leads, especially right now with the craziness out there.  It’s hard right now to raise money, boys and girls, very tough.   It takes quantity. It’s really become a numbers game.  But if you want a real strong accredited investor database, or list or leads that you can build a nice book, call me. John Fischer: 561-239-0364. Have a beautiful day, and God bless.