How to Reach Your Target Market with Direct Mail

Many people are familiar with direct mail, mostly because so many of us receive it daily. Salesman and marketers know the value of a direct marketing campaign, of which direct mail is a prime component.

The problem with standard direct mail is that it can be scattershot

A lot of mail is sent to inappropriate recipients who never open the envelope. favors a better approach – targeted mailing – in which mail is sent to a list of recipients that are considered very likely to respond positively.

We sell lists of accredited investors and affluent consumers who are especially qualified for a variety of direct mail offerings, including:

  • Travelers who like to take premium vacations
  • Investors in oil/gas development and service companies, and buyers of investment newsletters
  • Consumers who like to shop from high-end catalogs featuring rare and expensive items for sale
  • Well-heeled real estate investors
  • Collectors of fine objects, coins and stamps

As we pointed out in a recent blog, “offers high-quality lists of accredited investors that are 100 percent FTC-compliant”. These lists are perfect for direct mailings to high-wealth consumers, and can be customized for additional characteristics, such as zip codes. By using our lead lists, you are converting direct mailing into targeted mailing, thereby improving your marketing efficiency and cutting mailing costs.

Effective direct mailing campaigns all feature a compelling call-to-action in each piece of delivered mail. The call-to-action technique works best on targeted audiences and is usually not used in general advertisement campaigns, since the latter rarely create a positive earnings impact.

Direct mail encompasses a number of item types, including:

  • catalogs
  • circulars
  • CDs and DVDs
  • pre-approved credit card applications
  • sample newsletters
  • travel brochures
  • testimonials
  • coupons and other incentives

To facilitate direct mailing, the US Post Office offers bulk mail rates at substantial discount to first-class postage rates. This usually requires special formatting and sorting rules that reduce the cost of handling. Targeted mailings are labeled by the Post Office as advertising mail (or “admail”). Because the Post Office delivers over 90 billion pieces of direct mail every year, it makes sense for marketers to target their direct mail with focused lead lists such as the ones offered by We also offer a popular direct mail list we call “The Best of Both Worlds” which targets investors who divide their holdings between conservative and speculative holdings. These lists are appropriate of broker dealers, insurance brokers and stock brokers.

Eric Bank