Targeting Accredited Investors for Your Sales Campaign?

Hey everybody.  Welcome to  I’m John Fischer.  I’m the owner of the company.  I wanna take some time today and talk about the actual words you punch into Google or Yahoo!, Bing, whatever, to find out the products that we sell. One of the products that we sell is accredited investor leads.  You may punch in ‘accredited investor lead, singular, or you may punch in ‘accredited investors lead’ or ‘leads’.  An accredited investor is somebody that earns two hundred thousand a year for the last two years; and has at least a million net worth, not including his home; has experience experience managing his personal portfolio. What makes my accredited leads/lead, what makes me special, what makes my leads special is that they are qualified and surveyed by broker dealers.  So, these guys are looking to make their 10% commission.  They have a vested interest in making sure that this guy is qualified, that he is sent a private placement memorandum, and when he calls him back and tries to close him, that he is a qualified prospect.

So the beautiful thing about our accredited investor lead, or accredited investor leads or accredited investors lead or leads, is that, unlike my competition that does surveys out in the Philippines: the yahoos that can’t even speak English, or- and I’m not being Islamic-phobic or I’m not being xenophobic.  I’m just telling ya I really have a problem with the concept of an accredited investor taking a phone call from a foreigner, or even a n American making $12 an hour who’s asking him if he’s accredited, asking  him if he makes X amount of money and he has X amount of net worth.  I don’t think a normal– I’m an accredited investor.  I would not give my information to a total stranger.  Now, if you’re a broker, and you’re backing up a deal that’s a real estate lead, or maybe you’ve got some new marijuana product or something like that- something that makes sense to me, that’s contemporary investment- something that works right now, I’m going to pay attention to ya.  I am gonna give up that information, and I’m gonna look forward to take a look at that private placement memorandum with the potential of, maybe, investing in that particular investment.  So, if you’re looking ‘accredited investor leads’, ‘accredited investor lead’ or ‘accredited investors leads’, you found the right place.  My name is John Fischer. 561-239-0364.  Have a beautiful day.  Thanks for your time, and God bless.

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  • For the past 25 years has been providing high-quality, pre-qualified leads at competitive prices.
  • We offer you exclusive accredited investor lead lists comprised solely of surveyed prospects with annual income of $200K over the past two years (or $300K combined) and/or a net worth of $1,000,000+ and experience managing their personal portfolio.
  • Our accredited investors have large positions in municipal bonds, mutual funds, annuities and stock. They have experience managing their personal portfolios.
  • Our leads are primarily intended for companies seeking to target accredited investors with $25-$50K in risk capital who are actively looking for investment opportunities and are willing to listen to your offer!
  • These leads are perfect for brokers in securities, commodities, oil and gas and private placement industries, not to mention those in hot opportunity markets such as technology, entertainment and real estate.
  • All of our lead lists are tailored for your specific industry, and custom surveys are available. Whether you;re interested in leads for direct mailing or telemarketing, our extensive industry experience allows us to
    find the best fit for your campaign.
  • Our lead lists are constantly updated and checked for disconnected or wrong numbers or unqualified leads, and we will replace any lead that is not 100% accurate free of charge.
  • A SAN (subscription account) number is required in order to scrub your lead list against the DNC.

100% FTC Compliant is 100% FTC compliant.

  • With your SAN number, we can scrub and deliver a compliant list.
  • Free rescrubbing of your order every 30 days, upon request, to remove new additions to the Do Not Call list.
  • Free consultation on Telemarketing Sales Rule to ensure you avoid future violations. This includes the additional individual State do not call lists.
  • Free lead consultation and assistance in acquiring FTC Subscription Account Numbers in compliance with FTC regulations.

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Some of the pre-screened areas of special interest that our investor lists can target include:

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Accredited Investors Lead F.A.Q

What is an Accredited Investor?

An Accredited Investor (just so you know) he has made at least $200,000 a year for the last 2 years or has at least $300,000 in combined income with his wife. He has a net worth of at least $1 million dollars (not including his home) and has experience in managing his personal portfolio.

What’s an Accredited Investor Lead?

An Accredited Investor Lead is a name, an address and a phone number. An Accredited investor lead is one person – a name, address and phone number.

What’s an Accredited Investor List?

An Accredited Investor List is a list with many leads, including many names, addresses and phone numbers. And, of course, Accredited Investor “Lists” (the plural)  are a number of different lists of accredited investors.

The most important thing you need to understand is we’re number one when it comes to Accredited Investors. We have the PPCREMA, which are $2 a piece. We’re sitting on about 85,000 right now. Trusted Source. We’re the only guys that have them. is the home of the Big Dogs. The Big Dog does not only qualify and is not only an accredited investor, he’s a Qualified Accredited Investor. He has to have at least a quarter million dollars of liquid-risk capital and, unlike $1 million net worth (not including his home) on the Regular Accredited Investor, he needs to have $5 million dollars in investable assets. Those are $5 a piece, the best leads in the country by far. is the Lair of the Accredited Investors. If you have any questions at all you can give me a call. John Fischer,, 561-239-0364.

Getting More Specific – What Exactly is an Accredited Investor?

When you’re out there and you’re on the search engine looking for a particular type of a list (especially if you’re in the investment business; you’re a stock broker; you’re a broker/dealer; you’re doing a private placement or you’re taking your company in and doing a Reg D504 or 505 raising a million or a few million) you have to be real careful with your words. Using the term “an investor” is fine, but the problem with just the plain word “investor” (and by the way, an investor is a person that buys stock, he buys real estate, he may buy a ’57 Chevy with the hopes that it’ll increase in value, or maybe an old Ferrari). He’s an investor. That’s what he does. But when you’re talking about a private placement, the actual rules and the regulations are changed. A regular investor is not good enough for a private placement. A regular investor has to have certain requirements to become what we call “accredited investors” and to participate in what we call a private placement. I’ll do a video about the private placement later on. For you to participate in a Reg D 504, 505, 506, you must be an accredited investor.

An accredited investor has to have made at least $200,000 for the last two years; has to have at least a 300 combined income; at least a million net worth (not including their home); and experience in managing their personal portfolio. So be careful. When you get on the search engine, if you just use the word “invest”, “investor”, “investor list”, or “invest sales leads”, you’re not going to be getting qualified accredited investors. And when you try to bring them in and you try to put them into your private placement, they’re not qualified. So make sure you are specific  when you’re searching online for leads. If  you’re doing a private placement search, make sure you’re specific about them being accredited. And if you’re a stock broker and you want to use that keyword “investor”, I’m telling you, I would use “accredited investor”. He’s got that net worth. He’s suitable. He’s the kind of guy that can open a nice size account. You want some pikers. Use the word “investor”. You want some real people, use the word “accredited”.

Accredited Investor Leads | What you need to know.

We are making an effort to educate you and tell you as much as we possibly can about the type of leads that we have. We’re going to be working on the topic of accredited investor leads. Again, accredited investor leads.

What does accredited mean? An accredited investor makes $200,000 a year for the last two years or $300,000 income combined or million net-worth not including his home and experience in managing his personal portfolio. So that takes care of the accredited part.

A lead is a name, an address and a phone number. Okay? So you got the word “accredited”, the word “investor” and the word “lead”. So what we’re selling you is an accredited investor and the lead means we’re selling you his name, address and his phone number. Sometimes we have a couple of phone numbers. Sometimes there’s extra information. We don’t like to email. It’s going to get yourself into trouble getting into the email side of this whole thing. So it’s pretty much name, address and phone number.

Now, “accredited” we got. The “leads” we got. The “investor” (singular- “investor”) we got. What is an investor? How do we break it down? An investor is a guy that puts money into something with the hope that something is going to increase the value. It can be a piece of real estate, it can be a stock, it can be bullion, it can be all the above. So when we take a look at the keyword and that’s what we really work on, when you come to Google and you say, “Hey, I’m looking for accredited investor leads,” what we have to do is let you know that hey, yes, that’s what we do. We have accredited investor leads. So if you’re looking for accredited investor leads for your private placement, you’re doing a Reg D 504, 505, 506, the new Reg D 506C. Any of the above, we’re the right guys. We have the leads for you. Our price range is between $2 and $5. We’ve been in business 25 years. We have an A plus rating and really, really I’m a one-man operation, and I really believe that we’re the best in the industry. Twenty-five years, no complaints. I’m pretty impressed with that. I don’t know about you.

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