Effective Telemarketing Techniques

Last week, we began a discussion of effective telemarketing techniques. We offered several tips to help you make a personal connection with a prospect, establish your company’s trustworthiness and then offer something valuable for free. As a leading provider of lead lists, we at SalesLeads.tv have a vested interest in helping telemarketing campaigns succeed – we know that you’ll then return and buy more lists!

Our hero telemarketer is about to conclude the initial phone call. Let’s continue the thread:

  1. Book an Appointment: Usually, when prospects receive free gifts with perceived value, they are willing to schedule a follow-up phone call. This ploy allows the prospect to “win” – i.e. exiting the phone call with something of value in return for nothing more than a phone appointment. They are already “ahead of the game” and are thus more likely to be willing to talk again later. In fact, they may be looking forward to the next conversation.
  2. Gather Information: The purpose of the second conversation is to gather information that can be used to assess how likely the prospect is to actually buy what you are selling. Start with open, general questions asked in a friendly manner. Do not drill the prospect – high pressure tactics are premature at this stage. Only elicit the information they seem freely willing to divulge. Your telemarketing script should target three relevant questions that will provide you valuable insight into your prospect’s needs and how your product will fulfill those needs. Although the questions are scripted, keep the tone natural.
  3. Prepare for the Third Conversation: You’ve gathered some insights and now it’s time to end the second conversation. You do so by first asking permission to send the prospect some marketing material, perhaps disguised as general information. You then should make a third, hopefully final phone appointment. Switch to closed questioning, such as: “What work’s better for you for our next phone call, afternoon or evening?” You are starting to lock the prospect in to a selection from a limited menu of choices. This is an important psychological threshold.
  4. Close the Deal: In the third conversation, you want to be armed with a list of possible objections your prospect may voice along with the suitable counter-argument to remove their resistance. For instance, if they seemed worried about the product’s quality, assure them with testimonials, a money-back guarantee, free shipping of returns, etc. Appeal to their reasonableness as you remove any reasons for hesitation. When they finally crumble, reinforce their decision by reiterating why they decided to make the purchase and praise their vision in doing so.

You won’t win them all, but hopefully these tips will up your batting average. Happy hunting!

Eric Bank